ServCite Rack Agent

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  • The Rack Agent is designed to expose managed sensors of the ServCite Rack PDU to data center management applications
  • The rack-level power consumption and PSU health/status can be monitored remotely via a 10/100/1G Ethernet connection
  • The Rack Agent is designed as a hot-swappable plug-in unit and can be inserted into a dedicated slot of the ServCite Rack PDU
  • Monitors the PDU circuit breakers and the PSUs
  • Interface to control an optional Rear Door Cooler
  • Prepared for the installation and integration of a Schroff rack access control system

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产品目录号 高度U 电压
产品目录号 高度U 电压
1 -48 VDC
1 100 ... 240 VAC