IT & 数据中心基础设施解决方案

Schroff ServCite Rack

高速交换, 数据存储及处理三位一体


nVent 此次发布的新一代电信级数据中心计算平台 (Schroff ServCite rack) 以OCP 开放架构为基础, 专门为适应电信级别的应用需求而做出升级, 在抗震/防冲击, 散热等关键性能指标上做出特殊加强. 这一开源机架级硬件解决方案由机柜, 机架顶部交换机, 电源子系统及计算/存储单元等模块组成。

ServCite rack的设计方案, 已经获得OCP组织的审核和批准, 成为CG-Openrack-19标准的一个重要组成部分 .

  • 各机械部件均可按需定制, 例如: 机架高度, 宽度, 深度, 色泽, 内部计算/存储模组的位置
  • 可选配多种配件, 例如: 电子门锁, 水冷解决方案 (安装于后门板), 智能机架管理
  • 可集成PSU, PDU, 交换机, 计算/存储模块机械框架, 数据光纤
  • 提供稳定可靠的高低温保护及EMI屏蔽性能
  • 抗震, 防冲击能力达到UBC-1997 ZONE4 标准
  • 可适应冷-热通道散热方案

  • 计算/存储模组的机械设计可以适应不同规格的主板或客制电子部件
  • 可选配模组内电源转接板(12VDC至主板), 以及光-电转换解决方.
  • 计算及存储模块在出厂前均需通过集成测试
  • 可根据不同应用灵活调整计算/存储/其他第三方模组的组合形态
  • The new generation of telecommunication system based on OCP is breaking down the barrier between a rack and a carrier grade shelf. Sleds are directly plugged into the rack, compared to the traditional concept of a system with blades installed inside a rack.

    The nVent offering comprises a rack with the following components:





    The Open Rack describes the cabinet, which contains the shelfs and sleds. The rack delivers the OCP infrastructure, including  power distribution, cable management and if applicable cooling.

    The shelf hosts different configurations of sleds
    and provides access
    to the power busbars as well as the connection to an optical header for the uplink to the switch.

    A sled is hot swappable, connected to the Top-of-Rack Switch and can be either a Computing sled or a Storage sled. The height is 2 U and the width will either be half-wide or normal wide depending on the sled configuration. Both sled types can easily be combined in any configuration.

    The power shelf is located
    in the bottom of the rack.
    It contains a number
    of front pluggable PSU’s which can be configured
    in N+1 or 2x N+1 or
    other redundancy configurations. Variants
    for AC, HVDC or -48V DC voltage are available.