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Satellite Technology

Satellite​ Reliability and Quality in Orbit​ ​

Innovative products protecting and enabling the latest SATCOM, rocket system boosters, ultra-high frequency communications, and guidance system technologies in space.  Tap into nVent SCHROFF’s application engineering team’s expertise to meet the specialized requirements space applications present.

Product Portfolio

High Clamp Force Card-Loks

Best in class high clamping force, compact Card-Loks for space applications.

Conduction Cooled Assemblies

Rugged heat frames and clamshells and available with advanced cooling.

VITA Inserters/Extractors

Broad offering capable of reliably inserting and extracting modules with high pin density.

Product Spotlight: Conduction Cooled Assemblies (CCAs)

Performance and Dependability: High-Performance Conduction Cooled Assemblies for VITA Designs. Overcome the Toughest Engineering Challenges with nVent SCHROFF.

Partner with our Design Team Support and Engineering Experts to solve thermal challenges through thermal analysis to speed up the prototyping process before any metal is cut. We offer simulation and modeling, component and board temperature measurements, and Card-Lok and Wedge-Lok interface temperature measurements.

We've simplified the supply chain for our CCAs. We've made it possible to manage your entire conduction-cooled assembly with one part number.

We've also created the High Thermal Integrated CCA by machining our High Thermal Sawtooth (HTS) Card-Lok directly into the CCA frame resulting in up to 40% increased thermal performance. 


CCA, Conduction Cooled Assemblies, High Thermal Integrated CCA

Watch our CCA design process - we'll walk through the process from start to finish including:


  • Comprehensive consultation from the very beginning.
  • Ability to work with existing board, frame, or chassis designs
  • CAD templates and 3D printed prototypes available
  • Thermal design, simulation and analysis services
  • Over 60 years of experience as an industry leader in board retention and cooling

Available in black anodize, chemical film, electroless nickel finishes

Machined from a single piece for high heat transfer and structural support

6061-T651 aluminum provides high thermal conductivity

Available in 3 U or 6 U for Vita 46, Vita 48.2, VME, and CPCI

Fast turnaround 3D printed CCA’s and frames for fit checks

Order and manage one part number for the entire CCA assembly - kits available with card-loks, extractors, coding keys, EMC gaskets, and thermal pads.

Threaded inserts secure board fasteners in extreme vibration conditions

Downloadable standards-compliant CAD templates - 3 U and 6 U templates available for Vita 46, Vita 48.2, VME, and CPCI

Full design services including thermal analysis and ESD packaging available - component labeling and packaging per requirements.

Design Tools & Services

Card-Lok Configurator

Thermal Simulation and Testing

Project Consultation - Collaborative Design

Mechanical Design and Prototyping





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