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Physics and Larger Research Centers

Racks and Enclosures for Test Equipment in Big Science

In high-end test applications such as Big Science and real-time motion control, there is a particular focus on features such as synchronization, rear I/O, high availability, redundancy, and remote management. Researchers and scientists rely on MicroTCA.4, an open standard system specification defined by the PICMG consortium which focuses on the needs of experimental physics experiments and facilities. Additionally, electronics cabinets with air/water heat exchangers for cooling functions are being increasingly deployed to manager constant temperature environments for sophisticated electronic systems.

nVent SCHROFF offers a wide range of standard product solutions with the flexibility to tailor solutions for the specific demands of each experiment.

We partner with you to collaborate on solutions for your technology requirements for protecting systems and components of high-end experiments.

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19" Subracks, Chassis

19" Subracks and Chassis


MicroTCA Platform

ATCA AdvancedTCA

AdvancedTCA Platform

LHX, Electronics Cabinet

Electronics Cabinet

Power Distribution unit, intelligent Power Distribution unit, iPDU, rack PDU

Power Management



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We test our products under extreme environmental influences, such as high-temperature differences or vibrations.

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MicroTCA with RTM For High Performance Applications


Advanced Physics and Research Centers


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