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New In-Row Cooling unit

Introducing the revolutionary In-Row 45 cooler by nVent

The ultimate solution for your data center cooling needs! With its cutting-edge features, the In-Row cooling unit is the industry's first-row cooling device with tool-less hot-swappable fans, PSU, and controller in one unit. This ensures that your data center experiences no temperature spikes. The device's innovative tool-less features allow maximum uptime and minimal service callouts, resulting in year-round savings.

One notable feature of the In-Row cooling device is its compatibility with warm water cooling. The device significantly reduces the energy required to cool your data center by utilizing free cooling. This reduces energy costs, providing a win-win situation.

With its high-performance rating of 45 kW, the In-Row 45 is suitable for both hot and cold aisle containment. nVent has considered every aspect during development to create a reliable product. The In-Row 45 has undergone thorough lab testing and third-party verification, and test results can be provided upon request. Additionally, it is designed to be future-proof and easily compatible with D-2-C (Direct to Chip) Cooling systems.

nVent offers a comprehensive range of solutions, including racks, In-Row systems, PDUs, aisle containment, leak detection, heat tracing, manifolds, CDUs (Coolant Distribution Units), fixing and fastening solutions, as well as complete cable management solutions.

RackChiller In-Row 45 / Varistar LHX+ 45

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LHX+ 45 In-Rack Air-to-Water Cooler

RackChiller In-Row 45

RackChiller In-Row 45 Spec Sheet


RackChiller LHX +45 In-Rack

RackChiller In-Row 45

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