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Rear Door Heat Exchangers

New Rear Door Coolers from nVent to offer a Scalable Solution for High-Density Racks

  • Revolutionary new RDHX PRO by nVent meets needs for vastly increased data processing power to meet requirements of AI-enhanced software applications
  • RDHX PRO provides scalable, pay-as-you-go, room neutral solution for cooling high-density racks up to 78 kW 
  • New rear door heat exchangers provide highly resilient operations, with hot-swappable, tool-less replacement of critical components including fans and PSUs.

RDHX PRO, a revolutionary new high-performance rear door cooling unit, offering the capability to upgrade data centres with up to 78 kW high-density racks, meeting the requirements for the growing use of AI-enhanced applications, demands for higher energy efficiency and sustainability, and the need for greater data centre space utilisation.

High Performance Rear Door Cooling Unit

RDHX PRO - Rear Door Cooler

Various Colors Available upon request


Technical Specification

Standard Stock Colors

RDHX PRO BlackWhite.webp

Hot-swappable Fans, Controller and PSU`s


Controller Features

  • Fan-Function Display

  • Local Alarm Display

  • Touch Interface

  • Fan Speed Monitoring

  • Water Flow, Pressure & Temperature Sensors

  • Ethernet, Webinterface, SNMP Modbus TCP., RTU, Redfish

Rear Door Heat Exchangers

Elevate Performance with Adaptable Solutions

RDHX or Rear Door Coolers, are chilled water cooling doors that fit onto a IT rack. The air is pulled through the rack by the fans or pushed through by the server fans for the passive rear door (no fans). The RDHX Pros slimfit design of 281mm is the industries smallest footprint device with fans & without fans it is only 241mm

Benefits of Rear Door Heat Exchangers

Rear Door Heat Exchangers bring the cooling directly to the servers being has close as possible before converting to liquid cooling systems. Cooling has never been more simple. the RDHX Pro from nVent has a performance of 78kW at 14C and a 44kW performance at 24C. This aligns with the recommended ASHRAE Table 3.1 2021 Thermal Guidelines for Liquid Cooling. The RDHX Pro can also be retrofitted to ANY IT Rack. 

RDHX Rear Door Cooler

The RDHX pro has hotswappable Fans, PSUs & Controllers for enchanced service and maintenance flexibility,reducing costly service callouts ensuring maximum uptime. All while the door remains closed! The RDHX pro is optimized for free cooling bringing the cooling systems next to the servers ensures maximum effciency for your data center in the next generation of AI servers

Efficient Climate Control

Controlling the rack temperature is a no brainer in the world of AI servers, the cooling systems need to be effcient and predicting downtime and temperature spikes in the rack can be nearly impossible. The RDHX pro ensures this is minimized.

Featured Products

RackChiller RDHX PRO Active, Right Hinged, 42U, 600W

RackChiller RDHX PRO Active, Right Hinged, 42U, 800W

RackChiller RDHX PRO Active, Right Hinged, 47U, 600W

RackChiller RDHX PRO Active, Right Hinged, 47U, 800W

RackChiller RDHX PRO Passive, Left Hinged, 42U, 600W

RackChiller RDHX PRO Passive, Left Hinged, 42U, 800W

RackChiller RDHX PRO Passive, Left Hinged, 47U, 600W

RackChiller RDHX PRO Passive, Left Hinged, 47U, 800W

RackChiller RDHX PRO Hose Kit with Valve and Sensors

RackChiller RDHX PRO Leak Detection Kit


RackChiller RDHX PRO Active Sell Sheet

nVent RackChillerRDHX PRO-EN


RackChiller RDHX PRO Active Spec Sheet


RackChiller RDHX PRO Passive Spec Sheet


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