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Edge Computing

Protect your IT assests where ever they are

The rapid emergence of Big Data, 5G, Industry 4.0, and IoT deployments also require protection for edge-computing applications, such as high-speed wireless, autonomous vehicles, industrial automation, transportation, security, and safety systems. These complex systems are powered by smaller and faster electronics that require effective cooling protection to ensure maximum operating performance and uptime.

Decrease latency times and decentralize computing power

Maintaining high availability (uptime) at minimal operational costs remains a major challenge in today’s data centers and networks. A significant portion of budgets includes energy consumption for IT equipment and server cooling. nVent offers a comprehensive range of standard and customized air, indirect, and direct water cooling solutions. Our product range enables you to meet these challenges and protect your IT assets, whether for smaller decentralized edge computing, harsh environments, or large data center installations.

Varistar CP LHX+

  • Strict separation of cold and warm exhausted air - no recirculation
  • Cooling is close to equipment; quick regulation of water and air volume flow
  • Rack-integrated solutions reduce noise level; EMC-shielded solutions available
  • Flexible rack configurations to meet diverse packing densities and redundancy requirements

Air Conditioners

  • An energy-efficient rotary compressor on most models
  • Attractive industrial design with minimal use of visible fasteners
  • A reliable mechanical thermostat on the enclosure side of the unit
  • Easy-mount flanges for simple installation
  • Every unit functionally tested before shipping

Outdoor Cabinets

  • Designed to protect your electronic equipment from rain, snow, dust, and vandalism, Schroff outdoor cabinets are available in single-wall, double-wall, and modular aluminum construction
  • Other customizable options are available including IP55 protection, EMC shielding, seismic resistance, along with a range of cooling management choices
  • With durable UV resistant powder coating for superior corrosion resistance, these high-quality outdoor cabinets are built to last

Varistar CP Server And Networking Cabinet

  • 1,600 kg static load
  • 1,000 kg dynamic load with integrated castors
  • Prepared for secure access control options
  • Unique meander type profile for maximum fixing flexibility
  • One tool required as all screws TORX 30
  • Pre-configured cabinets with short lead time and starting point for individual configurations and modifications

RackPower Intelligent Power Distribution Unit

  • PDU’s with digital 2.8” local touchscreen display and IP network connectivity
  • All necessary data with a metering accuracy within +/-1%
  • Current (AMP), voltage (Volt), power (kW), energy consumption (kWh) and power factor of the entire PDU
  • Hot-pluggable meter and field-replaceable PSU
  • Single and three-phase supporting regional voltages

Guardian Management Gateway

  • Compact design, fits anywhere in a rack
  • Web browser GUI for setup, monitoring, and maintenance
  • Three management ports to connect external sensors and Modbus devices
  • Up to 16 sensors per management port with a total cable length of up to 40 m
  • Auto orientation LCD touch display
  • Supports industry-standard network protocols (HTTPS, SNMP, SMTP, BACnet, Modbus/TCP, and HPI)

Design Tools & Services

Test Reports

We test our products under extreme environmental influences, such as high-temperature differences or vibrations.

RackPower Configurator

Online request form with pre-selected configurations.

Helpful Resources

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