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Cabinets and Racks, Indoor

A range of products for a variety of applications

19" Electronics Cabinets, Aesthetic AL Frame

electronics cabinet, 19” cabinets, electronic enclosures

Novastar features an aluminum frame with attractive design, ideally suited for general electronics, test & measurement, audio/video and broadcasting applications.

  • Bolted Aluminum frame
  • Aesthetic modular claddings
  • IP20
  • Stationary / Mobile


19" Electronics Cabinets, Robust Steel Frame

electronics cabinet, server cabinet

The new Varistar CP features an advanced robust welded steel frame.  Combining off-the-shelf components customers can choose from more than 100 cabinet dimensions, a wide variety of accessories, modifications including cutouts and special colors. 

  • Robust welded steel frame
  • IP20 - IP55
  • EMC Compliant
  • Multiple Cooling options
  • Stationary / mobile


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Ruggedized Electronics Cabinets

Ruggedized Electronics Cabinets, MIL Cabinet

Based on the robust, welded Varistar platform, these cabinets offer high performance protection against dust and water (IP20 and IP55)

  • MIL 901D
  • Shock, vibration and seismic resistance up to NEBS GR-63-CORE Bellcore zone 4
  • Cooling options from fans to 40kW air-to-water chillers
  • Radio-frequency (RFI / EMI) shielding of 60 dB at 1 GHz, 40 dB at 3 GHz, 30dB at 18GHz (tested to IEC 61587-3 and EN 61000-5-7)
  • Stationary or Mobile configurations

Open Frame Racks

Open Frame Racks, test racks

nVent SCHROFF Open frame racks are extremely light weight and simple to assemble.  Their compact structure saves valuable space and offers a high degree of accessibility to mounted electronics. 

These racks are ideally suited for general electronics, test & measurement, network and telecommunications (VoIP / Triple Play), audio/video and broadcasting applications.

  • Quick mechanical and electronic assembly
  • Small footprint
  • Extremely Lightweight
  • High Accessibility
  • Stationary / Mobile

Wall Mount Cabinets

wall mount electronics cabinet, wall mount server rack

nVent SCHROFF Wallmount enclosures are ideally suited for ICT, telecom and transport infrastructure.  They can be used as a fibre optic cable distributor, 4 U wall distributor or as combination of fibre optic cable, copper and telephone distributor. Optimal ducting of fibre optic cables, easily removable door and side panels and upgradeable side-by-side modules differentiate nVent SCHROFF's wallmount portfolio from the competition.

  • Highly cost effective
  • Protected against tampering and accidental unplugging
  • Solves space limitations
  • Multiple Cooling options
  • Ideal for communications cabling, network gear, and related equipment

Digital Design Tools

From Concept to CAD in minutes!  Our 3D configurators feature an intuitive graphical user interface, dynamic CAD generation and full integration into website without additional software installation.

  • SIGN UP today to download a quotation instantly!

  • Intuitive drag-and-drop 3D interface

  • Select from wide range of parts and accessories that are compatible with your selected steel frame

  • Customizable with various cutouts and printing options

  • Over 30 file formats (2D/3D/CAD) available for download

  • Immediately download a quote after saving your configuration! (Customer SIGN UP Required)

Varistar CP Cabinet Configurator

    electronics cabinet configurator, server cabinet, server rack, networking rack

Novastar Cabinet Configurator

electronics cabinet configurator


A Proven Global Leader in Electronic Cabinets

nVent SCHROFF is a global leader in designing and manufacturing electronics cabinet solutions offering a wide range of solutions from aesthetically pleasing, functional and simple electronic cabinets to high-frequency shielded, shock and vibration protected versions. 

With decades of experience, and global cabinet production including sites in the The United States, France, India, Poland and China, you can trust nVent SCHROFF to provide proven performance and local support.

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Varistar Cabinets Brochure

Varistar Cabinets Brochure

Varistar - The versatile electronics cabinet platform


Electronics Cabinets Flyer

Flexible 19" electronics cabinet platforms for every application