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Schroff ServCite Rack

A new generation of speed, storage and data processing capacity

logo advanced TCA system Schroff

nVent presents the new Schroff ServCite rack based on the highly efficient OCP (Open Compute Project) concept. The ServCite rack has been developed specifically to meet the stringent requirements of the telecommunications industry for shock and vibration resistance, redundancy and reliable cooling capacity. This open source rack-level hardware system comprises a rack with shelves, ToR (Top of Rack) switches, a power shelf, and sleds for computing or storage intensive applications.

Furthermore, this design innovations are being contributed to OCP as the CG-Openrack-19 specification.
Read more about the contribution to the OCP specification

Main Features
Rack Level:
  • Mechanical modifications in height, width, depth, color number and position of shelves et al.
  • Accessories such as electronic door lock, rear door cooler and integration in rack management
  • Optional integration of PSUs, PDUs, switches, shelves, fiber optic cabling
  • Environmental protection and EMI shielding
  • Shock, vibration & seismic up to Zone 4
  • Cold or hot aisle containment cooling strategies

Compute- and Storage-Sleds:
  • Mechanical adaptations to fit different main boards or custom electronics
  • Board development for power distribution boards (12V sled input voltage to mainboard), copper to fiber converter boards, i.e.
  • BMC (Baseboard management controller) for server mainboards
  • Integration and test of compute and storage sleds
  • Combine storage & computing to create a rack tuned for each application
  • The new generation of telecommunication system based on OCP is breaking down the barrier between a rack and a carrier grade shelf. Sleds are directly plugged into the rack, compared to the traditional concept of a system with blades installed inside a rack.

    The nVent offering comprises a rack with the following components:





    The Open Rack describes the cabinet, which contains the shelfs and sleds. The rack delivers the OCP infrastructure, including  power distribution, cable management and if applicable cooling.

    The shelf hosts different configurations of sleds
    and provides access
    to the power busbars as well as the connection to an optical header for the uplink to the switch.

    A sled is hot swappable, connected to the Top-of-Rack Switch and can be either a Computing sled or a Storage sled. The height is 2 U and the width will either be half-wide or normal wide depending on the sled configuration. Both sled types can easily be combined in any configuration.

    The power shelf is located
    in the bottom of the rack.
    It contains a number
    of front pluggable PSU’s which can be configured
    in N+1 or 2x N+1 or
    other redundancy configurations. Variants
    for AC, HVDC or -48V DC voltage are available.

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