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High-performance electronics protection for critical systems: nVent at Embedded World 2022 in Hall 1, Booth 1-210

nVent Electric plc (NYSE:NVT) (“nVent”), a global leader in electrical connection and protection solutions, will be showcasing new and innovative solutions at Embedded World, June 21-23, in Nuremberg, Germany. nVent SCHROFF brand high-performance solutions ensure reliable performance of critical systems commonly found in Test and Measurement, Aerospace and Defense, Railway and Communications industries.

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For Test and Measurement, innovations include: 

The nVent SCHROFF Varistar LHX+ electronics cabinet with an integrated, modular air/water heat exchanger. This product offers cooling performance of up to 10 kW with a temperature regulation accuracy of +/- 0.1°C. The LHX+ is ideal for applications that require precise temperatures for optimal operation. 

The nVent SCHROFF Guardian Management Gateway remote management system—a rack-mounted remote management system designed for detecting, monitoring, storing and issuing alarms for critical operating and safety parameters. A single Guardian Management Gateway remote management system can monitor several cabinets from an integrated web interface or via the 1 GBE network interface that supports industrial protocols such as SNMP, SMTP, HTTPS, BACnet, Modbus/TCP and HPI. 

The nVent SCHROFF Rack Safety Plus power distribution unit with emergency safety system, which is a modular 19” safety and power distribution unit that combines the power supply, power distribution and safety functions required for operating both semi-automatic and fully automatic testing systems. The power distribution unit is CE-certified, with the UL-certification underway. Using a digital configurator tool, users can quickly customize the main input and output connectors, circuit breakers, as well as safety functions, to meet the needs of their application, without the time or expense of additional CE/UL testing.

For Aerospace and Defense, innovations include:  

The nVent SCHROFF High Thermal Integrated Conduction Cooled Assembly (CCA), which can deliver up to 40 percent improved module thermal resistance over standard CCAs with nVent SCHROFF Card-Lok PCB retainers. Ideal for VPX systems, the High Thermal Integrated CCA is a drop-in replacement for traditional conduction cooled VITA modules, thereby avoiding comprehensive module redesign or expensive alternative cooling technologies. 

Pigeon Point Chassis Management solutions providing remote monitoring and control for VPX Embedded Systems. The Pigeon Point starter kit is currently SOSA (Sensor Open Systems Architecture) Tier 1 and 2 compliant and will be upgradable to Tier 3 in the coming weeks.

The nVent SCHROFF Titan COTS rugged VPX system—a 19” rack-mount system featuring speeds up to 10.3125 Gbaud, excellent EMC shielding, 2 power slots and hinged front and back panels with space for I/O connectors. The Titan system is housed within a EuropacPRO rugged subrack that can withstand shock forces up to 25g and vibrations up to 3g making it well suited for rugged applications. 

For Railway, innovations include: 

A low-noise smart fan tray was specially developed to support railway data centers. This 19” fan tray has a temperature-dependent fan control, can be monitored and controlled remotely by the Guardian Management Gateway and is available as a 1 HE slide-in unit or as a top-panel fan.  

A CPCI serial chassis for onboard applications in high-speed trains. For this project, the system could not be higher than 3 HE and required active cooling due to the high computing power. nVent engineers overcame the space limitations by using a thin fan between the horizontal rails.

For Communications, innovations include:  

Two customer projects where nVent engineers, working in collaboration with the customer, were able to address and overcome electronics processing and packing challenges: 

A small form factor (50h x 312w x 348d) high-performance computer with memory and data transmission, cooling and power supply all designed to withstand harsh environments.

A modular solution, the Othogonal Chassis, specially developed for telecom core networks and functions that must be processed in real-time, e.g., adaptive systems for security functions, virus checks or media conversion. The Orthogonal Chassis can accommodate many blades and high-speed data connections are possible with board-to-board connections between the front and rear area; the backplane is only used for power supply and management data transmission. 

More information please visit http://schroff.nvent.com 


О компании nVent 

Компания nVent — ведущий мировой поставщик решений для подключения электрических систем и обеспечения их безопасности. Мы считаем, что наши передовые электротехнические решения делают электрические системы более безопасными и, таким образом, способствуют созданию более безопасного мира в целом. Мы проектируем, производим, распространяем, устанавливаем и обслуживаем высокопроизводительное оборудование, а также предлагаем решения в области подключения и обеспечения безопасности для самой чувствительной аппаратуры, сложных зданий и критических процессов. У нас вы найдете обширный ассортимент корпусов, электрических соединителей и фиксаторов, а также решения для терморегуляции. Мы поставляем оборудование ведущим в своих отраслях компаниям, которые ценятся во всем мире за качество, надежность и прогрессивность своих товаров и услуг. Главный офис нашей компании расположен в Лондоне (Великобритания), а офис управления – в Миннеаполисе (США). В нашем портфолио представлены бренды электротехнического оборудования с более чем 100-летней историей, а также такие торговые марки, как nVent CADDY, ERICO, HOFFMAN, RAYCHEM, SCHROFF и TRACER. Learn more at www.nvent.com

nVent, CADDY, ERICO, HOFFMAN, RAYCHEM, SCHROFF и TRACER являются торговыми марками, принадлежащими компании nVent Services GmbH или ее аффилированным лицам по праву собственности или на основании лицензии. 


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