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nVent Expands nVent SCHROFF Titan Commercial-Off-The-Shelf Rugged VPX Systems With Enhanced Shock and Vibration Resistance

  • Extension includes enhanced shock and vibration resistance 

  • Designed for rugged applications 

  • Superior signal integrity 

  • Numerous customization options 

A new extension to nVent SCHROFF Titan Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) Rugged VPX Systems is available now. Designed for rugged applications within the aerospace and defense industry, such as mobile MIL and naval applications, the nVent SCHROFF Titan COTS Rugged VPX System includes enhanced shock and vibration resistance. This 19″ VPX system is mechanically based on the nVent SCHROFF EuropacPRO type rugged subrack and can withstand shock loads up to 25g and vibrations up to 3g. 

The expanded VPX system offers superior signal integrity for the highest data transfer rates when compared to other systems in its class. nVent SCHROFF VPX backplanes support the latest VPX standard with link speeds up to 10.3125 Gbaud data rate. Also included are front-to-back forced air cooling with temperature-controlled fans, front pluggable fan tray for easy accessibility and maintenance, and simple and quick adaptations with modular construction. 

nVent offers numerous customization options for inputs on the hinged front and rear panel and voltage displays to VME/VME64x-, VXS-, CompactPCI-, MicroTCA or any other specific backplanes on demand. Customers are also able to choose from options, such as mounted telescopic rails for easy service, or add a second power supply. The installed honeycomb filter improves the EMI protection. Customers can use full design services and consult nVent engineers to ensure the solution will meet their requirements. nVent engineers have access to the latest testing equipment and a test data library to enable customers to make data-driven design decisions. 


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