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Outdoor Trackside

For signaling and communications, electronics securely protected in outdoor cabinets are of vital importance for railway safety. nVent SCHROFF outdoor cabinets provide twice the security: protected on the outside from vandalism and on the inside with climate-control, ensuring that the electronics housed withstand harsh environmental conditions according to EN 50125-3 and EN 60529.

Product Portfolio - Vibration and Vandal Resistant

UNIBODY | Double-Wall

  • Simple and cost optimized
  • Communication applications at stations
  • Station information
  • Surveillance systems
  • Power and signal distribution

MODULAR | Double-Wall

  • Signalling applications
  • Communication based train control
  • Track control
  • Axle counter
  • Wheel temperature detection
  • Interlocking
  • Level crossing

COMLINE | Single-Wall

  • The budget-priced outdoor cabinet
  • Pole, wall and floor mount enclosure
  • E.g. for Radio communication
wall mount electronics cabinet, wall mount rack

IP55 | Pole Mount Enclosures

small form factor cases, rugged enclosure, breadboard case

IP65 | IP-Pro Alu EMC Enclosure Family

Designed for the most challenging operating conditions



Supporting ETCS and CBTC systems, nVent SCHROFF Outdoor Cabinets deployed in a variety of settings. 

The versatile Outdoor Cabinet platform designed with ease of installation and maintenance in mind. Flexible features and capabilities, extend your application’s lifecycle, ensure safety and reliability and reduce operational costs affecting your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) over your application’s lifespan.


The Outdoor Modular Cabinet ensures a smooth and dependable functioning of sensitive electronics in outdoor environments. The standardized components are based on IEC 61969.

Specifically, the Outdoor Modular Cabinet has been designed with relevant railway certifications in mind, which makes it the ideal solution for railway trackside applications.

Certified Quality - Outdoor Modular Cabinet


Design Verification Testing_Horizontal.png

Impressive All Around

outdoor modular cabinet

The newly designed Outdoor Modular Cabinet not only fulfills relevant railway certifications, but also offers additional functional benefits:

  • Thermal management options: double wall design with direct active fan cooling with control PWM and thermostat or cooling through air conditioner
  • Weight-efficiency, corrosion-resistant and robust aluminum construction with integrated corner blocks for structural integrity
  • Newly designed cladding parts, hinges and locks provide enhanced protection from vandalism
  • Flexible dimensions and extensive range of accessories and also compatibility with 19'' cabinet accessories
  • Access to cabinet from all sides for easy maintenance
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Product Portfolio - Robust, functional and certified

outdoor unibody, outdoor electronics cabinets


  • Inner case with removable outer cladding
  • Aluminum body
  • Mid-featured outdoor cabinet
  • Wall or pole mounting
  • Front accessibility
  • Double wall aluminum
  • Cooling through natural convection, fan or heat exchanger
Outdoor Modular, outdoor electronics cabinets


  • Specifically certified for railway trackside applications
  • Aluminum profile frame
  • Removable, double-walled cladding
  • Flexible in design and dimensions
  • For high thermal management requirements
  • All sides accessible
outdoor comline, outdoor electronics cabinets


  • For diverse applications in industry, transportation and communication
  • Weight- saving aluminum body
  • Single- wall cabinet
  • Front & rear accessibility

Design Tools & Services

Outdoor Cabinet Configurator

Online configurator, to support in finding the right outdoor cabinet solution.

Test Reports

We test our products under extreme environmental influences, such as high-temperature differences or vibrations.


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Case Studies & Reference Projects

Enclosures for train station security

Train Station Security & Passenger Information Systems

Implementing a State of the Art Station Information & Security System (SISS).

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Securing Autonomous Train Operation

Enabling driverless train operation - even in extreme temperature conditions.

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rail infrastructure

Detection of Wheel Tread Damages

Reducing maintenance time for mechanics and electronics on railroad vehicles through predictive maintenance.

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Outdoor Modular Cabinet



Outdoor Modular Cabinet



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