EuropacPROキット、ヘビーデザイン、シールドあり、EN 50155

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  • Aluminum construction
  • The 19'' bracket is firmly fixed to the side panel (tox-cold welded) and is especially suited for high mechanical stresses (vibration resistance)
  • Lateral support bars to NFF standard facilitate insertion of subrack into the (cabinet) frame. The double 19'' screwing position adds to additionally safety (NFF standard)
  • IP 20, in accordance with IEC 60529
  • EMC of approximately 40 dB at 1 GHz, 30 dB at 2 GHz, assuming that the front is covered with shielded front panels. Testing in accordance with VG 95373 part 15
  • Shock and vibration tested to EN 50155, part 12.2.11
  • Modifications such as cutouts, different fininshes or dimensions availalble
  • Supplied as space-saving flat-pack
  • Horizontal rail type ''heavy''


  • Test reports online
  • Individual configuration: large variety of variants in height, width and depth; various guide rails for a wide variety of applications; Interior options; accessories and mounting material
  • Load:

    Up to 15 kg


    Up to 5 g


    EuropacPRO, Heavy

    EMC Shielding:



    Subrack Kit

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Height U
カタログ番号 Depth mm Other Height U Width HP
カタログ番号 Depth mm Other Height U Width HP
235.0 For boards 220 mm deep 3 84
235.0 For boards 220 mm deep 6 84