CompactPCI bridge, 32-bit, 33 MHz

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カタログ番号: 23006-920
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  • Schroff CompactPCI backplanes with system slot rightare used as primary backplane
  • Bridges are designed for primary backplanes with system slot right; bridges for system slot left available on request
  • The 32-bit bridge is 33 MHz capable and the 64-bit bridge is 33/66 MHz capable
  • Bridge mounted on rear of backplane, hence no loss of slots
  • In accordance with: PICMG 2.6 CompactPCI Bridging Specification, PCI 2.1 PCI Local Bus Specification, Rev. 2.1
  • Very compact and low bridge shape, no interference with rear transition boards


    32-bit system slot left on request 64-bit system slot left on request



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System slot for System slot right BP's
Description 32-bit, 33 MHz Bridge