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  • Automatic containment top covers open automatically in the event of fire so that the sprinkler systems installed above the containment top cover can put out the fire. In normal operation, the top covers are kept closed by electromagnets and open when the floating contact of the fire detection system is opened
  • Suitable for an aisle width of 1200 mm
  • Top cover with safety glass, 7 mm
  • With the universal top cover profile, the aisle height can be increased by 84 mm; please order separately
  • The top cover can be removed from the inside. When opened, the top cover provides access to lighting and sprinkler systems above the containment system for maintenance work
  • Please order the control unit, which can be used to control up to 12 automatic top covers, separately
  • A 24 VDC power supply unit is required to operate the system. Please order separately

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