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  • Average clamp force (4.80", black anodized) = 587 lbs
  • Profile 9.53 mm (.375 in) x 9.78 mm (.385 in)
  • Length 96.5 mm (3.80 in) to 325 mm (12.80 in), 12.7 mm (0.5 in) increments
  • Flexible mounting options
  • Available with gold chem film, clear chem film, black anodized, hard black anodized, or electroless nickel plating
  • DSCC CID 59590
  • Weight 3.63 g/cm (.325 oz/in)
  • 3 segment, non-shafted design
  • Min expansion 11.94 mm (.470 in)
  • Screw actuated
  • For cold wall applications

    Designed to retain PCBs in rugged, heavy shock and high vibration environments commonly found in Military and Defense and commercial aerospace systems. In additional to PCB retention, Card and Wedge Loks also aid in thermal transfer from the PCB to the cold wall via conduction, by improving the interface between the PCB and the chassis rail.


    The Series 250 features a larger profile and is better suited to accommodate heavier Board Module Assemblies.


    From time to time, nVent may modify its product specifications to be in conformity with applicable industry, military or other relevant standards. Unless otherwise mutually agreed in writing, cancelled or superseded military specifications may be certified to the latest or superseding specifications. Products manufactured in conformity with such specifications will be deemed fully compliant whether or not you have been notified of such modifications, even if different from the original specification or those referenced by the customer.

    Average Clamp Force:

    587 lbs

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    Datos Técnicos

    Recommended Gap Width PCB + 10.80 mm (.425 in)
    Recommended Torque 226 N-cm (20 in-lbs), with "L" option 271 N-cm (24 in-lbs)