Module with ruggedized pull‐handle mechanism

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  • Kit, shielded
  • Front panels stainless steel,Face avant en acier inoxydable,Frontplatten Stahl, rostfrei,Передние панели из нержавеющей стали
  • Mounts in MicroTCA chassis or AdvancedMC carrier (e.g. cutaway, conventional or hybrid carrier),Intégration dans un châssis MicroTCA ou Carrier AdvancedMC (p. ex. Carrier cutaway, conventionnel ou hybride),Einbau in MicroTCA Chassis oder AdvancedMC Carrier (z. B. Cutaway‐, Conventional‐, oder Hybrid‐Carrier),Установка в шасси MicroTCA или AdvancedMC Carrier (например, Cutaway‐, Conventional‐ или Hybrid‐Carrier)
  • Module conforms to AdvancedMC standard,Module conforme à la norme AdvancedMC,Modul konform zu AdvancedMC‐Norm,Модуль соответствует стандарту AdvancedMC
  • Additional securing of components in MicroTCA system; with patented screw locking,Sécurité supplémentaire des modules dans le système MicroTCA; avec verrouillage à vis breveté,Zusätzliche Sicherung der Baugruppen im MicroTCA‐System; mit patentierter Schraubverriegelung,Дополнительная фиксация модулей в системе MicroTCA; запатентованная винтовая фиксация
  • Modules conform to: PICMG® AMC.0 R2.0Ruggedized: MicroTCA.1, MicroTCA.4,Modules : PICMG® AMC.0 R2.0Durcis : MicroTCA.1, MicroTCA.4,Module entsprechen: PICMG® AMC.0 R2.0Ruggedized: MicroTCA.1, MicroTCA.4,Модули соответствуют: PICMG® AMC.0 R2.0Ruggedized: MicroTCA.1, MicroTCA.4

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Width HP
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Datos Técnicos

Height mm 170.0
h 148.8
Material stainless steel
h1 135.8
Width HP 6

El suministro incluye:

Artículo Cantidad Descripción
1 1 U-shaped front panel, stainless steel; with screw locking welded on, Torx T10
2 1 Board support, die-cast zinc, nickel-plated
3a 1 Light Pipe, top, PC, UL 94 V‑0
3b 1 Light Pipe, bottom, PC, UL 94 V‑0
4 1 Pull-handle mechanism with microswitch activation and board bracket
7 1 Lateral EMC gasketing, core: foam, sleeve: textile cladding with CuNi coating
8 1 Lower EMC gasketing, core: foam, sleeve: textile cladding with CuNi coating
9 1 Assembly kit
5+6 1 Pull‐handle, PC, UL 94 V‐0, black