19" AC/DC switch-mode PSUs for MicroTCA, double full‐size, with power management (PM EMMC)

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The MTCA PSU 600 is an exceptionally efficient power module (PM) for MicroTCA®
This 600W power supply is the most efficient available in double-width full-size format.
This PM's integrated management controller makes it ideally suited for use in complex
communications systems running the latest generations of processors and
an increased number of AMC modules.
The MTCA PSU 600 provides the power required for 12 AMCs, 2 Cooling Units (CUs) and
2 MicroTCA® Carrier Hubs (MCHs).
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  • Wide input voltage range 90 ... 264 VAC
  • Active power factor correction
  • Construction: AdvancedTCA double full-size
  • MicroTCA power management conforms to PICMG MTCA.0
  • 16 output voltages 12 V and 16 x 3.3 V
  • Corresponds to EMC class B as per EN 55022


    Output data for TA = ‐25 ... 55 °C with forced cooling of 20 cfmConnector to PICMG MTCA.0, MicroTCA power connector


    19" compatible




    Switched-mode PSU

    Output voltages:




    Output power:

    > 300 W

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Datos Técnicos

Depth mm 186.65
Height mm 148.3
Voltage 12.0
Current 6.8
Output current 2 0.18
Power 600.0
Output voltage 2 3.3
Width HP 6