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Test & Measurement

Test and measurement equipment is designed to analyze, validate and verify electronic devices, mechanical systems and end products. Given the increasing complexity of measurement tasks due to highly complex electronics, increasing data traffic, higher computing power and precise synchronization, it is necessary to develop innovative products with higher accuracy, more storage and enough flexibility to continuously adopt new technologies.

Discover highly flexible and cost-effective enclosure solutions from nVent SCHROFF, to accommodate your test and measurement equipment and:
• Start reducing your costs significantly
• Increase your engineering productivity
• Improve design reusability

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nVent SCHROFF racks and enclosures can be used for relatively small test and measurement systems that test only dedicated signals or connections such as WiFi and Bluetooth. But also, for test and measurement equipment that consists of larger units and is used for function tests on complex products in manufacturing or other applications.


nVent SCHROFF has the expertise in various but unique test and measurement applications combined with the know-how on how to protect electronics according to the right environmental standards.
We support engineers, scientists and researchers in developing innovative test systems to accelerate innovations such as 5G, autonomous driving, Internet of Things and network security.

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  • Test departments need a flexible configuration of the required functions, even for small quantities, to meet current and future requirements without significant additional investment.

    nVent SCHROFF applies modular design principles to its entire product portfolio to enable quick and easy adaptation of products from small to large-scale series. We have a large selection of desktop, 19” rackmount enclosure and free-standing cabinet racks available.

    In addition, we deliver chassis, in compliance with the open test platform based on CompactPCI, PXI and PXI Express. The system contains a mechanical frame, thermal management solution, remote access control, backplane and power supply.