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COM modules
computer on module

nVent offers solutions for lab and field use based on a modular COM
(Computer On Module) carrier for type 6 COM express modules.

CoM Carrier

The embedded system solutions includes:

  • COM module
  • COM carrier
  • Integrated cases with cooling and power management

COM Express modules, standardized by PICMG, support the latest signals
such as HDMI, Gigabit Ethernet, USB 2.0 & 3.0 and PCI Express.

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Integrated cases with cooling and power management

Specific heat sink geometries for different applications
Thermal connection from COM heat spreader to heat sink
with EMC gaskets on thermal adapter
COM module Easy removal of front and rear panel
computer on a module

Schroff Carrier for COM Express Type 6 Modules

COM Carrier
com carrier Schroff

Front side: Standard computing interfaces

Back side: Additional computing interfaces

  • Computer on Module
    The new standard COM carrier from nVent uses the µATX form factor with an edge length of 244 mm x 244 mm. The modular design of the carrier is notable as it provides common computer interfaces and features slots for various expansion boards that can add additional functions as required.

    Modular COM system concept:

    • • Interfaces can be adjusted based on requirements

    • • Slots for various expansion boards

    • • Efficient, low-interference power supply

    • • Choice of integration level

    • • Enclosure with IP protection up to IP 55 (optionally up to IP 67)
    • • Flexible cooling design for forced air cooling or passive cooling applications
    • • The height, width and depth of the small case can be adjusted

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