Subracks, Cases & Front Panels

Front Panels and Small Factor Cases
for Your Application

Subracks, front panel, small factor case

Are you looking for flexible and reliable solutions for packaging and protecting your electronics?

nVent offers an extensive range of electromechanical SHROFF products that can be modified to meet your unique requirements. We support you with our technical expertise – locally and globally – and enable you to increase your productivity and optimize your time-to-market. We will provide you with comprehensive support in developing your products. We make various resources available to you via free download, such as CAD drawings in multiple formats, comprehensive test reports, certificates and much more.

  • 19" subracks
    - Flexible product platform for installing electronic components into cabinets and enclosures
    - Market-leading HF shielding
    - Industry-leading EMI/EMC
    - Available in kits
    - Countless expansion and modification options thanks to a wide range of accessories and components that can
       be purchased individually

    - Available as a desktop enclosure, tower, mobile enclosure or as a 19″ subrack enclosure
    - Can be used for the installation of individual printed circuit boards or for installing multiple euroboards
       on a backplane
    - Wide variety of accessories

    Front panels
    - Available in several sizes and materials, with and without shielding
    - Available as individual parts or in kits that include handles and other accessories
    - Conform to leading industry standards
    - Available with custom cut-outs and prints as well as a variety of insertion/removal handles