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For uninterrupted performance, heat created by electronic components needs to be managed effectively to avoid overheating. With the ever-increasing power density of today’s electronics, cooling is a significant cost factor that can be handled through effective airflow management within the data center. Aisle containment provides an ideal solution for optimizing the management of cooling air by separating the flow of cold and hot air. These cooling efficiency enhancements typically result in significant Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) and cooling efficiency improvements within the data center – ultimately providing the opportunity for operational cost savings. Actual measurements in customers' data centers have proven that aisle containment enables temperature optimization that can generate energy savings of up to 30 percent.

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A complete aisle containment solution consists of:
• Fixed and automatic top covers that open in case of fire
• Manual or automatic doors to access the pod
• Airflow kits that seal the rack and cabinets and virtually eliminate losses in airflow volume in the data center

The low investment in an aisle containment system offers a fast return on investment (ROI) without generating additional operating expenses for maintenance.

  • Aisle Containment
    With the Schroff Varistar aisle containment platform, nVent offers a highly flexible, modular data center containment system consisting of aisle entrance doors, top covers and airflow kits.

    Aisle Entrance Doors
    • Manual sliding doors
    • Swing doors
    • Automatic sliding doors - can be combined with electronic locking options and integrated into the Schroff
       monitoring system. By providing access control to the pod, cabinet doors may be eliminated for improved
       airflow and better cooling efficiency.

    Top Covers
    Made with clear, scratch resistant, non-flammable safety glass mounted in steel frames. Provide space for sprinkler nozzles or smoke extraction systems.
    • Fixed top covers
    • Automatic top cover that open in response to user-defined fault alarms, e.g. in case of fire

    Airflow Kits
    • Direct cooled air to inlets of servers and other components where cooling is needed.
    • Separate cold and hot air for highest cooling efficiency and energy savings.
    • Airflow kits for front-to-back cooling
    • Airflow kits for side-to-side and side-to-rear cooling

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