Hardware Platform Management (Pigeon Point)

open standard platform management solution

Hardware Platform Management
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The Schroff Pigeon Point management solutions are used by leading companies worldwide for open modular platforms like ATCA, MicroTCA and VPX. When incorporated in such platforms, these solutions enable a robust, cost-effective and compliant management layer, as well as for proprietary platforms that leverage and/or extend these standard management facilities.

  • Platform Management

    • • AdvancedTCA Shelf Managers (e. g ShMM-700R) and VPX VITA 46.11 Chassis Managers (ChMM-700R) ready
         for incorporation into a carrier board optimized for your shelf or chassis.
    • • ATCA, MTCA and VPX board and module management solutions delivered as reference designs including
         firmware, ready for integration into the implementation of your board or module.

    • These solutions for the controllers defined in the management architectures of ATCA, MicroTCA and ANSI/VITA 46.11-2015 for VPX share the following characteristics:

    • • Authored and supported by experts in the management aspects of the standards.
    • • Compliant and interoperable reference controllers, backed by years of interoperability testing and intensive
         use in demanding environments around the world.
    • • Included bench top implementations for quick ramp up and known good comparisons with customer
    • • Comprehensive documentation and one year of technical support, with options for subsequent year support.