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Recording and Analyzing Medical Data

Racks and enclosures for test equipment in healthcare

Modern medicine increasingly relies on electronic devices to improve the quality of life and medical care. Digitalization has particularly helped to enhance the efficiency of medical care while also reducing the burden on healthcare personnel, resulting in lower risks of medical accidents or mistakes.

nVent SCHROFF enclosures and racks undergo best-in-the-industry compliance testing to meet the highest safety and reliability standards. Our products are well suited for supporting test equipment, diagnostic imaging, radiation therapy, and healthcare information technology applications.



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Embedded COM System, computer on modele, COM module

Embedded COM System

Small form factor cases

Small form factor cases

19" Chassis

19" Chassis

19" Desktop Case

19" Desktop Case

Lightweight electronics Cabinet, test equipment healthcare

Lightweight Cabinet


We offers a wide range of solutions from esthetically pleasing, functional and simple electronic cabinets to high-frequency shielded, shock and vibration protected versions and an extensive selection of accessories. In addition to our range of standard cabinets, all nVent SCHROFF cabinets can be individually configured to specific applications by combining off-the-shelf components.


Test Reports

We test our products under extreme environmental influences, such as high-temperature differences or vibrations.

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Online drag-and-drop configurator, with pre-selected configurations.

Integrated Solutions

Our expertise! Learn more about our mechanical and electronics integration capabilities.



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