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Interscale - Solutions



Schroff Interscale is ideally suited for both standardized and proprietary boards.



Based on the board to be integrated, our design engineers have selected an ecosystem of compatible components for your system.



Innovative cooling options are available to satisfy your thermal requirements.




Customize your case with individual cut-outs, silkscreen, powder-coating and digital printing to meet your needs.



Choose from a wide range of mounting accessories to complete your system.



Schroff Interscale cases feature flexible dimensions, and an interlocking tabbed construction that provides built-in EMC protection.


Reducing development time and costs


The configurable Interscale platform allows you to build a completely integrated solution by guiding you step-by-step through pre-defined and standardized mechanical and electronic components.

Starting from a customized EMC protected case with individual dimensions and cut-outs, through selecting various electronic components according to your requirements, branding through paintand print, to innovative cooling solutions, and a wide palette of standard accessories, you will find exactly what you need to house and protect your small form factor board. 


Build your own Embedded Computing solutions

The Configurable Interscale Platform Allows:

  • Building a completely Integrated solutions
  • Guiding you step-by-step to an embedded computing system
  • Using pre-defined and standardized mechanical and electronic components


Small Form Factor or Proprietary Board


Everything begins with the board.

Board size doesn’t matter. The nVent SCHROFF Interscale platform can be adapted to accommodate most sizes and respective modifications.

  • For industrial mainboards such as Mini-ITX, Pico-ITX, ATX, Micro ATX or computer boards like Raspberry Pi the case size and cutouts are pre-defined to save design time, but can still be modified to suit your needs.
  • For open standards like Embedded NUC™, COM Express, QSeven or Smarc standard cases are available which can be modified (cutouts or sizes) to fit to the I/O interfaces.
  • For proprietary boards simply select the case size required, specify the location of the board mounting studs, and the size and location for I/O cutouts.



Individual Case Design

nVent has developed its SCHROFF Interscale platform, specifically designed for small form


factor board applications to provide a high amount of flexibility.

Based on a parametric model, it enables customization of all dimensions in accordance to your requirements: height, width and depth.

With its interlocking tabbed construction, Schroff Interscale cases provide built-in EMC protection without the need of EMC gaskets and ensures a protection
class up to IP 30. Secured with two or four screws, depending on the size, Interscale is easy to assemble or disassemble and provides quick access to the
integrated electronics.

nVent has developed its Schroff Interscale platform, specifically designed for small form factor board applications to provide a high amount of flexibility.

Based on a parametric model, it enables customization of all dimensions in accordance to your requirements: height, width and depth.

With its interlocking tabbed construction, Schroff Interscale cases provide built-in EMC protection without the need of EMC gaskets and ensures a protection
class up to IP 30. Secured with two or four screws, depending on the size, Interscale is easy to assemble or disassemble and provides quick access to the
integrated electronics.



Electronic Components

Integrated Electronic Components

To complete the embedded system, electronic components such as power supplies,


switches, and PCI/PCIe card and hard disc drive brackets are available.

Depending on the requirements for power supply, power supply units with varying power output and
form factors are available:

  • A desktop power supply unit at 19 V and 65 W
  • Various PICO PSU kits for passively cooled systems at 80 W, 120 W, and 160 W
  • An 1 U ATX power supply unit at 300 W
  • An ATX power supply at 300 W and 500 W

An illuminated power switch with connecting cable can be added.

Depending on the selected board form factor, installation options for PCI- or PCIe cards can be
integrated into the case.

For fastening the hard disc drives, a single or double HDD bracket is offered.

Cooling Solutions


nVent offers different solutions depending on the cooling requirements of the embedded

system application and its environment.

Active Cooling through fans can be integrated into the case, with several options for fan location, to optimize cooling.

Conduction Cooling is achieved through an integrated heat sink, available in different heights and locations on the top of the case.
Additionally, Schroff‘s patented Flexible Heat Conductor (FHC) offers industry leading cooling performance.

The FHC utilizes the conductivity of an aluminum block, but with internal springs, allowing it to expand and contract vertically.
The innovative design compensates for tolerances along the thermal path, eliminating the need for a thick gap pad, and therefore
optimizing thermal transfer. Together, the FHC and nVent range of conduction cooled Schroff Interscale cases can provide industry
leading conduction cooling performance and reliability over the lifetime of the system. 

Case Design and Branding

  • h83402-casedesign-new.png
    Choose from our comprehensive standard cut-out library or realize individual cut-out designs
  • Ability to color match powder coating
  • Enjoy vivid, photorealistic images with up to 32 million colors
  • High stability of colors against light, temperature, chemicals and other environmental influences



Choose from a wide range of standard accessories for nVent SCHROFF Interscale cases for a diverse
range of configurations and extensions.

Download CAD drawings from our web site to expedite your design process.

nVent SCHROFF Interscale cases offer standard accessories for desktop use and case mounting:

  • Plastic feet for desktop use
  • Fold-down feet with tip-up option
  • Stacking aids for multiple cases to minimize footprint
  • Clip for horizontal DIN rail mounting
  • Mounting bracket for free attachment to walls
  • Integrated 19" bracket for cabinet mounting


Protection where you need it

The Interscale cases are compact and robust enough for use in environments where electronics require protection, such as in laboratories and factories.
However, they can also be adapted to outdoor use with the wall mount bracket. This accessory makes them suitable for applications like Wi-Fi distribution boxes,
as well as electronic control boxes for mobile cranes or small-sized test equipment.

Test and Measurement for IIOT


Protecting test and measurement applications through the whole lifecycle of a product

Digitization and IIoT have been driving the industry for many years now, and companies are still in the process of connecting manufacturing machines on the shop floor, trains to maintenance management and cars to infotainment and their environment. Wirelessly connected devices are an enabler relying on real-time sensor data, but only valuable when connected, secure, and reliable 24/7.
With it comes a growing need for inspecting, testing and verifying these devices for reliability, performance, connectivity and long-time availability.

  • Wireless devices need testing against regulatory standards and operator-specific requirements.
  • For zero defects, tests in mass production for optimized test setups are necessary, with it comes for example demand for parallel testing, and low-cost instrumentation

Our single board enclosure platform Interscale is set up in a configurable way, to meet all application needs for testing devices in factories, on trains and train stations, or in cars.

Case Study - Testing wireless communication units


  • Small footprint
  • Rackmount option
  • Cost-effective


  • Small and cost-efficient test modules for simple tests
  • Integrated EMC shielding
  • Flexible in all dimensions for small footprint
  • Individual cutouts for interfaces to meet the integrated board
  • Integration of active cooling through 3 fans and added perforations
  • Powder Coating and Silk Screen for detailed aesthetics


Learn more about nVent SCHROFF Test & Measurement solutions and download nVent SCHROFF’s Whitepaper on trends and requirements for the Test and Measurement market.

Industrial Internet of Things


A Comprehensive Concept for the Configuration of Industrial IoT Systems

Digitalization spans from the intelligent networking of individual machines and devices to entire production facilities and their supply chain. Production is becoming increasingly complex, in many areas the lot sizes are shrinking, the variety of products is increasing, and the life cycles of products are getting shorter. This shift in demand and change in the market conditions drives the networking of machines, services, and people across the entire production chain. By collecting machine sensor data, connected factories can track and control machine operation as well as optimize efficiency, especially within challenging production environments, ultimately promoting growth and cost savings. Small form factor solutions can support this challenge and are already used in many sensor and gateway applications today to:

  • Control machines, gather data, tie machines to other machines and also to the cloud via the Internet
  • Automation, Analysis & Visualization, Monitoring, Communication

The configurable Interscale case concept developed by nVent SCHROFF enables design engineers to quickly configure solutions to enclose, cool, and protect their electronics for IIoT applications at a modest cost in a multitude of environments. It provides an end to end solution to connect and protect standardized and proprietary boards.

Case Study - IoT edge gateway for automation, visualization or monitoring


  • Set up of a small, high-performance PC unit
  • Compatible with Embedded NUC™ (board measuring only 10 cm x 10 cm)
  • Interfaces relevant to industrial applications
  • Failure-resistant conduction cooling without fans


  • Case that only consists of three parts (body, top cover and front panel)
  • Small dimensions: 35 mm in height, 110 mm in width, and 103 mm in depth.
  • Integrated EMC shielding
  • Conduction cooling using nVent SCHROFF’s patented flexible heat conductor
  • Individual branding for color and logo
  • Flexible mounting option (desktop device or mounted on a DIN rail or wall)


Learn more about how to leverage the Interscale configurable platform, to shorten time-to-market, enhance flexibility and security, and increase quality and efficiency.




Interscale - Be inspired by our configurable solutions.


Interscale - A comprehensive concept for the configuration of Industrial IoT systems.

Case Study

Interscale for Test & Measurement.

PIM testing in complex multi-band 4G and 5G networks.

Case Study

Interscale for Test & Measurement.

Highly-precise non-contact vibration analysis.