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Information And Communication Technology Overview


Rapid deployment of dependable high-performance infrastructure plays a pivotal role in the telecommunication business. Whether it be equipment for wireless, wireline, edge computing, core network, or data center applications our modular product platforms can be tailored to exactly meet your needs. Coupled with our global manufacturing footprint and global support network, nVent is the ideal partner to support your telecommunication infrastructure deployments on-time, on budget locally around the globe.

Converging technologies, increasingly saturated markets, and merging business segments: More than ever before, communications equipment must be capable of rapid deployment ensuring interoperability with legacy and emerging technology platforms. With our deep engineering experience and our commitment to service and flexibility, we deliver innovative solutions that accommodate individual requirements on an accelerated timetable. Cutting-edge technology and complete electronics and mechanical manufacturing as well as integration services from nVent ensure the best return for your investment.


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telecommunication infrastructure

Access Network

nVent offers a broad portfolio of infrastructure products and services to address applications for LTE/5G mobile access networks and for fiber, cable, and copper fixed networks.

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Outdoor Trackside

Backhaul Network

The latency demand of next-generation networks requires significant investments in fiber connectivity for backhaul/transport networks to deliver the required response times for critical applications such as autonomous driving and real-time applications such as cloud gaming at the network edge. nVent has a broad portfolio of infrastructure solutions that can be used by system integrators and OEMs for backhaul/transport applications.

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core network

Core Network 

Whether you are upgrading your existing Central Office (CO) facility or re-architecting your central office as a data center,  nVent has a broad portfolio of cabinets, racks, cooling, rack monitoring products and services to deliver a solution that meets your specific needs.

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edge computing, computing power

Edge Computing

With the combination of 5G and Edge Computing applications such as autonomous driving, precision robotics, mission-critical AI applications, Industry 4.0 applications, and mobile virtual reality can be realized. nVent supports a broad portfolio of infrastructure products and services to help you deliver your Edge Computing solutions from MEC solutions to AI-enabled Edge Computing solutions at the Network Edge.

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Wireless and Network Testing

Wireless And Network Testing

5G wireless systems need to handle a variety of traffic types, including enhanced mobile broadband, massive machine communication, and low-latency, high-reliability applications. Test equipment OEMs and network equipment providers offer and use test devices to validate and verify telecom network devices in the lab, as well as validate and monitor telecommunication network and fiber optics in the field. ​

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communication technology, telecommunication infrastructure

Mobile Private Networks

In today's fast-paced world, businesses and organizations need to communicate and collaborate effectively to stay ahead of the competition. However, traditional communication networks are often unreliable and insecure, making it challenging to manage and protect sensitive data. Mobile private networks (MPNs) offer a solution to these issues, providing secure and reliable communication capabilities that can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

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Our comprehensive range of open standard products demonstrates our capabilities and ensures performance for ever more demanding communication applications. Our modular platform concept delivers benefits such as speed-to-market and cost efficiencies while offering integrated solutions, engineered to meet your individual requirements providing a high level of technical dependability, extended performance, and future-proof design that can be applied globally.

Open Standard Systems

Open standard system platforms provide a modular approach for telecommunication hardware and architectures that support high data transfer rates and low latency for network security functions and private networks.

Backplanes And Power Supply Units

Our expertise in high-speed backplane and COM carrier design helps you to adapt the latest data transfer rates into your application.

Cooling Solutions

Our cooling experts work closely with your project team to design, develop, and manufacture engineered thermal solutions to your exact specifications.

Server Racks And Cabinets

With its outstanding characteristics, the nVent SCHROFF cabinets connect and protect your IT assets. Satisfy even the most complex requirements on loading capacity, cable management, and security.

Certified Electronics Cabinet For Outdoor Telecom And Network Applications

nVent SCHROFF Outdoor Modular cabinet platform helps Telecom industry leaders deploy best in class fixed-line broadband projects (FTTC to FTTH), Wireless Network projects (WLANs to WWANs), and Mobile Communications Network projects (LTE & 5G).

  • IEC 61969-3 and EN 50125-3 for protection against environmental conditions
  • EN 50125-3 for wind resistance (180 km/h)
  • EN 60529 for ingress protection up to IP55
  • IEC 61587-2 and IEC 61969-3 for Seismic Bellcore Zone 4
  • EN 1627 and EN 1630 for vandalism protection
  • IEC 60068-2-75, IEC 62262 and IK 10 for impact/hammer test
  • EN 45545 powder coating for fire safety compliance
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Mechanics and electronics solutions from a single source


Leading the Way In Global Standards

Rapid introduction to market without costly development and testing processes – with this aim in mind our worldwide teams of experts have worked in the global standards committees such as IEC, IEEE, VITA, and PICMG for decades. As a pioneer and innovator in electronics packaging components, systems, and fully integrated electro-mechanical solutions our name has been synonymous for over 50 years with competence in the areas of mechanics, electronics, cooling solutions, and system management.

Outstanding Research And Development

Our comprehensively equipped R&D teams act as a central resource. It is our policy to extend the R&D team involvement throughout the product manufacturing cycle allowing our customers to benefit from all the latest advances in product, materials, procedures, and technology.

Reduced Time To Market

From conception to prototype construction, testing to certification, sales to project management, and pre-production through to manufacture, we remain your reliable partner offering a product range that conforms to the standards and high-value technical requirements that allow you to introduce your product to market before your competition.


Reliability You Can Trust

As a pioneer and innovator in electronic packaging solutions, we are committed to providing leading-edge technology and high-quality products. By understanding our globally active customers' need for flexibility and performance we are also offering the production of customer-specific solutions. With fully tested and ready-to-install mechanical and electro-mechanical assemblies built to your specifications, nVent helps you to improve your cost-effectiveness by allowing you to operate leaner and focus on your core competencies.

Dedicated Program Management

Experienced and dedicated program management teams work closely with you, right from the consulting phase of a project. Fully committed to your objectives this team will continuously control the engineering and manufacturing process which guarantees an excellent performance, cost efficiencies, and timely deliveries to meet your expectations. With schedule visibility, quality management, and well-defined communications tools in place, you can rest assured that the project is running smoothly.

Proven Processes

From concept through to design, from assembly through to testing – from small to high volume production, we have all the necessary development and manufacturing competencies gathered under one roof, so making our processes fast and efficient.

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