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Hyperscale and High-Performance Computing


High availability at minimal operational costs remains the major challenge in data centers and networks. Preventing servers from overheating accounts for a large portion of data center budgets. Besides the traditional HPC for calculations and simulations, AI-related compute-intensive applications have also increased the development of new designs for efficient cooling for data centers and edge computing.

More than 100 kW in a single rack

In the future, companies will continue to rely on high-performance computing to meet the ever-increasing demands of computationally intensive applications. These include scenarios such as complex weather models, simulations in automotive or mechanical engineering, animations in films, research analysis, or AI-based high-frequency trading of securities. In addition, companies are also increasingly using artificial intelligence applications to minimize the maintenance time of machines via machine learning in production environments. HPC applications have become a driver of innovation in many industries, so companies have to deal with the energy-efficient expansion of their data centers. nVent provides solutions that support the highest performance classes and deliver the best possible energy efficiency.

Varistar CP Server Cabinet Mobile

  • Static load capacity of 1,600 kg/3,500 lbs
  • Dynamic load capacity incl. integrated castors 1,000 kg/2,200 lbs
  • Large cable entry zones top or bottom for easy data and power entry
  • 3-point-locking with 180° opening fully perforated, front single door front, rear double door
  • Integrated cable management options for vertical and horizontal cable management

RackChiller Rear Door Cooling Unit

  • Active solution with fans
  • Optional water control set
  • Mounting frame - Easy to adapt to nVent cabinets and cabinets from other manufacturers
  • Modbus TCP and SNMP v2c interface

RackChiller In Rack

  • Strict separation of cold and warm exhausted air - no recirculation
  • Cooling is close to equipment; quick regulation of water and air volume flow; no undercooling
  • Rack-integrated solutions reduce noise level; EMC-shielded solutions available
  • Flexible rack configurations to meet diverse packing densities and redundancy requirements

RackPower Intelligent Power Distribution Unit

  • PDU’s with digital 2.8” local touchscreen display and IP network connectivity
  • All necessary data with a metering accuracy within +/-1%
  • Current (AMP), voltage (Volt), power (kW), energy consumption (kWh), and power factor of the entire PDU
  • Hot-pluggable meter and field-replaceable PSU
  • Three-phase supporting regional voltages

Guardian Management Gateway

  • Compact design, fits anywhere in a rack
  • Web browser GUI for setup, monitoring, and maintenance
  • Three management ports to connect external sensors and Modbus devices
  • Up to 16 sensors per management port with a total cable length of up to 40 m
  • Auto orientation LCD touch display
  • Supports industry-standard network protocols (HTTPS, SNMP, SMTP, BACnet, Modbus/TCP, and HPI)

Access Control

  • LED display for operating status and alarms
  • Can be used with proximity cards (HID and Mifare)
  • Stand-alone or networked operation
  • Master/slave handle configuration can be set individually
  • Vandalism alarm
  • Integrates into existing management systems and administration software 

Design Tools & Services

RackChiller Rear Door Calculator

Calculate your cooling performance

RackPower Configurator

Online request form with pre-selected configurations.

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