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Front Panels and Plug in Units

Protecting 19" Electronics for the past 60 years

nVent SCHROFF offers an extensive range of front panels, plug in units and cassettes to provide a finishing touch to the front of your chassis, case or rack – visually and functionally. 

In addition we provide an intelligent online configurator to simplify and speed up your digital workflow from selection to delivery of nVent SCHROFF front panels.

A range of products for a variety of applications

Front Panels without Handles

Front Panel, front panels

Front panels provide protection for electronics enclosed within the Subrack, 19" chassis or Case.  Front panels can be as narrow as 1U or as wide as the enclosure.  Often front panels will have cutouts for lights, switches, or IO connections to the enclosed electronics.   Further customization is possible with powder coating, silk screen, or digital printing.

nVent SCHROFF offers:

  • Front Panels in various materials, sizes, surface finishes
  • Flat and U-profile panels
  • EMC shielded and non-shielded options
  • Hinged, Folding, Mezzanine styles
  • ATCA, MTCA and AMC standards

Front Panels with Handles

Front Panel, plug in units

Also called Plug in Units (PIUs).  Plug in Units are kits with the front panel, handle(s) and PCB mounting hardware.  Customization is possible with cutouts, powder coating, silk screen, digital printing which supports down to 3pt font size.

nVent SCHROFF offers:

  • A variety of PIUs in different sizes 
  • Versions with flat or U shaped front panels
  • EMC protection with textile or stainless steel gaskets
  • A variety of handles to support IEEE and IEC standards



Cassettes are plug in units that fully enclose one or more circuit boards.  Cassettes provide additional mechanical or RF protection. 

nVent SCHROFF offers:

  • Frame-type plug-in units with extruded aluminum sides, also available in high frequency HF version and conduction cooled versions
  • Plug-in units with sheet metal hoods for mechanical protection
  • Optional EMC-shielding
  • A variety of handles

Front Panel Components

Front Panel Components

Adapt your front panel or PIU easily to any requirement with our extensive components and accessory portfolio of: 

  • Handles
  • EMC Gaskets
  • PCB Accessories
  • Mechanical shielding

Cassette Components

Cassette Components, plug in units

Adapt your cassettes easily to any requirement with our extensive components and accessory portfolio of: 

  • Front and Rear Panels
  • Side Panels
  • Handles
  • Guide Rails and many more

Digital Design Tools

Front Panel Configurator

  • From Concept to CAD in minutes
  • No registration needed, but extra features for registered users
  • Intuitive drag and drop functionality with instant 3D visualization
  • Components libraries for easy selection of the parts
  • Modification module to add cutouts and printing options
  • >30 CAD file formats, smart 3D PDF for technical specification
  • After saving configuration, bill of material, pricing, and quote generated

Front Panel Configurator, front panel designer, custom front panel

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