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Electric Vehicle and Battery Test Systems


Mechanical, safety and power infrastructure for automated test systems

With the increasing demand for electric vehicles, there is an ever-growing need for fully automated equipment to test the high-performance, high-voltage batteries, powertrains and chargers that power them.

When designing, developing and maintaining this equipment, you need to rest assured your testing equipment will perform as expected and necessary for evaluating the interior system and components.

At nVent SCHROFF, we provide the reliable mechanical, safety and power infrastructure you need to protect your electric vehicle testing systems.



Webinar: Learn more about how to select the infrastructure you need for your testing equipment.

Topics covered: 

  • 19" Rack layouts
  • ESD considerations
  • Managing climate control, power and safety

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We offer a full range of flexible nVent SCHROFF solutions to meet the diverse needs of electric vehicle testing systems in the field. All our products are part of a modular platform, so they can be readily adapted to your application needs – from the development and manufacturing of a battery emulator to a test system for battery packs and modules to powertrain test equipment or a power control system.


Thanks to the extensive nVent SCHROFF portfolio and services, you can rely on a single source for your complete infrastructure from specification through full assembly and delivery.


Because our more than 6,000 standard products are based on a modular platform concept, you can get the tailored solutions to meet your application’s specific requirements faster.

Global support

Backed by localized manufacturing, global service and sales support, we can serve you wherever you or your end customer are located.

Modular solutions to protect your equipment

19" Rack Hardware

  • Electronics cabinets to house instrumentation and other equipment
  • Enclosures and chassis to house measurement boards – for vertical and horizontal mounting

Power and Safety Infrastructure

  • Power distribution units (PDUs), including safety switches and emergency stop panel
  • Remote management model to maintain system health status

Thermal Management Solutions

  • Our technical specialists evaluate automated test systems to identify potential problem areas and help you select the ideal cooling management solutions for optimal performance.

System Infrastructure

  • Backplanes, power supply and other components that meet the specifications for equipment based on open standards, including CPCI Serial, PXIe or others

Rack Layout

Varistar CP Electronics Cabinets

Rack, electronics cabinet, electric vehicle testing, battery test systems

Ideally suited for Cycler/Battery Emulator and Measurement/Control Cabinets

Built for maximum reliability in the most demanding environments, the nVent SCHROFF Varistar modular platform ensures the highest flexibility on a single platform – more than 20,000 different configurations can be created with it simply by using standard components.

At its core, the platform features robust steel profiles, allowing the greatest range of applications. The frame meets the requirement classes up to DL6 in accordance with IEC 61587-1 and support static loads up to 1,600 kg (3,500 lbs.). The profile has built-in 25 mm grids in all three dimensions (height, width and depth,) providing a wide variety of options for mounting components and accessories. Cable eyes, for instance, can be easily affixed directly onto the frame.

  • Heavy load equipment in the rack
  • Complex cabling (Width from 600 mm)  
  • EMC, IP protection and fire safety version available

Varistar CP Products

ESD Safe Castors for Mobile Racks

Castors for mobile racks

Thermal Management Solutions

thermal management, test equipment, electric vehicle testing, automated test equipment

Maintaining the optimal temperature for equipment is critical to maximizing performance. As temperatures rise, electronics – especially the power supply, DAQ and other systems that require higher heat dissipation – can overheat, causing malfunction and device failure.

Our thermal management experts can help you evaluate your application needs, and make recommendation on how to design your infrastructure solution for optimal performance.

For example, for regular rack setups, many applications benefit from a top panel with fan:

  • Raised top cover with fan unit
  • Raised Top Cover, steel 1.5 mm, powder coated
  • Assembled with 6 fans 230VAC
  • Schuko/IEC 60320 C12 plug

We offer a full portfolio of thermal management solutions, including fans, air-conditioners and heat exchangers.

Varistar CP Top Panel with Fan

Fan Speed Control Unit

fan control speed unit, electric vehicle testing, battery test systems

Installing a fan speed control unit to control the temperature of the test equipment improves the energy efficiency of your test rack.

  • Suitable for all AC fans and fan units (up to 300 W) with IEC 60320 C13 plug (plug and play)
  • Simple adjustment of switch-on temperature (with knob and digital display)
  • External sensor can be fitted at a desired measurement point
  • Open-collector output (parametrizable)
  • Alarm output (active/passive) DC fans (PWM output)
  • Remote display (via optional digital display with front panel)
  • Speed controller; input/output voltages 115 ... 240V AC

Fan Speed Control Unit

Front / Rear / Panels & Base Plate

Front Rear Panels, Base Plate

Front Side: Deco Frame

The nVent SCHROFF Varistar CP Deco Cabinet Frame with adapter brackets for assembling slide rails and shelves is ideally suited for applications (like most test stations) that require an open front in order to connect cables from the equipment to the device under test (DUT).

Deco Frame      Adapter brackets 

Front and Back Side: Doors with or without locks

Depending on your security need, our portfolio includes a variety of different doors and locking options – from a simple lock with key to intelligent units with key cards to alarm systems – to meet your specific needs.  

Lock Selection  Door Selection 

Base Plate

To make it easy to manage the cable entry from the bottom, base plates are typically configured with a rear opening and a cover plate with brush strips.



Rack Accessories

testing rack, electric vehicle testing equipment

Power and Safety Layout

PDU with emergency stop, power distribution unit

Because test systems often consist of many heterogeneous internal components that require different currents and power, and also may be deployed in different regions with different power sources, selecting the right solutions for power and safety management is critical. The nVent SCHROFF power distribution units (PDU) can be configured and adapted to meet your requirements.

PDU with EOP (emergency off panel). CE approved.

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PDU without EOP

Either as 19” rack mount unit, or as regular PDU with intelligent remote option. CE and UL approved.

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System Layout

PXIe, PXI express

PXI and PXIe systems consist of three main hardware components: a chassis with backplane, controller and modules. The PXIe chassis is a rugged mechanical form-factor and has integrated timing / synchronization function that is used to route synchronization clocks, and triggers internally. A variety of vendors focus on developing plug-and-play modules for the PXIe chassis and controller. All of these components are modular and exchangeable.

If you are building your own measurement boards based on PXI Express, the nVent SCHROFF portfolio includes the PXIe-compatible chassis, backplane, power supply and optional PXIe controller for your application.

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Chassis Layout

Subracks and chassis to store your measurement boards

subracks, chassis, test equipment

The nVent SCHROFF MultipacPRO chassis is designed for vertical mounting of equipment. The robust chassis is available from 1 unit with easy-to-use and cost-efficient modification options.

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The nVent SCHROFF EuropacPRO subrack is designed for horizontal mounting of equipment. Typically used for exchangeable measurement modules, the subrack is an easy-to-mount chassis available in a wide variety of sizes and modifications, and also can be used as a storage drawer.

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Front panels and cases to equip the board

front panels, desktop cases, test equipment

To protect the measurement board, connect plug-in units at the front.

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To protect the controller board, which typically requires advanced EMC shielding, equip it in a cassette.

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Pre-Configured Item List

Download Rack Configuration Checklist

rack configurator, testing rack

This document describes a detailed example of a rack configuration for an Electric Vehicle Battery Test System. This concept intends to provide a general solution for the test system, and is a basis for application-specific configurations. nVent SCHROFF capabilities and product platforms allow a vast range of modifications. The rack itself will typically be used to house different test modules, as well as the power entry module and power distribution unit.

General Requirements:

  • Height 1900 mm (40U usable height), width 600 mm, depth 800 mm
  • Racks mounted with ESD castors
  • Frontside with 19” brackets
  • Rear side with shorten door and air inlet panel
  • Cable entry from top and/or rear
  • Max. static load approx. 435 kg
  • ESD-compliant design

Download Full Checklist

Flexible Architecture to Accelerate Developments

When asked what it’s like working with us, most customers say they appreciate the flexibility of our solutions and the expertise of our team. We look forward to working with you and help you take advantage of our modular platform to get the robust solutions you need, quickly and cost effectively.

Image Gallery: Example of Rack Configurations

Modified Varistar cabinet 800 mm wide with deco frame.



Custom Varistar cabinet to house 19“ test equipment, and also non-19“ components. 

Modified Novastar cabinet, with custom front door.

© IES Synergy

Fully equipped test station build with a standard Novastar cabinet.

© Konrad


testing rack, electronics cabinet

Custom Varistar Rack Solution For Vehicle Test & Measurement

We worked with an American vehicle and clean energy product manufacturer to create a variety of rack options with a customized accessory package for ease of ordering.


The customer in this case study is an American vehicle and clean energy product manufacturer based in California. This customer came to nVent SCHROFF needing traditional protection for rack-mounted and non-rack mount devices for their battery charging, discharging, and thermal performance measurements.


This customer needed to be able to have capabilities to protect both rack-mounted and non-rack mounted devices as well as combinations of both. They wanted the flexibility to decide on a cabinet by cabinet basis as to what custom options they needed for their testing equipment.


Webinar: How to build your next EV / battery test system?

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