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Increased Performance. Uncompromising Availability.

Command. Control. Computers. Communications. Cyber. Intelligence. Surveillance. Reconnaissance. 

The demands of today’s digital battlefield require the highest performance and availability, even in the worst-case scenario. Meet dependability and high performance demands with nVent SCHROFF’s suite of rugged products. nVent SCHROFF has the expertise in various but unique rugged aerospace and defense applications combined with the know-how on how to protect electronics according to the right environmental standards. As systems become more powerful and SWaP requirements increase, we support engineers, scientists, and researchers in developing innovative solutions to meet those requirements.

Product Portfolio


Innovative, compact, lightweight with enhanced thermal and clamping performance

Varistar EMC & Seismic Cabinets

Ruggedized Varistar cabinet designs for conditions on land, in the air, and at sea.​


VITA compliant extractors that can be operated with a gloved hand.

System and Chassis Management

Pigeon Point Embedded Systems VPX and VITA 46.11 system management for the chassis and module levels​

COTS Embedded Systems

Ruggedized systems solutions in accordance with industry standards and modifications that can be made to meet specific application requirements​

Product Spotlight: Pigeon Point Chassis Management Mezzanine (ChMM) 

These Pigeon Point management components focus on the VPX and ANSI/VITA 46.11 architectures and address the overall chassis level as well as the individual module or Field Replaceable Unit (FRU) level. They benefit from our years of leadership in specification development and interoperability testing, first within PICMG® and then throughout the development of VITA 46.11-2015, which was purposely modeled on the management layer of PICMG’s AdvancedTCA.

These solutions comply with ANSI/VITA 46.11-2015 and use Chassis Management Mezzanines (ChMMs): small mezzanine boards that install in a custom carrier optimized for your chassis architecture. Alternatively, you can license the schematic of the ChMM-700R and integrate that schematic into the design of the board or module that will handle Chassis Manager responsibilities. This ChMM subsystem is pre-loaded with the market-leading Pigeon Point Chassis Manager, producing a ChMM carrier or integrated board or module that implements a Chassis Manager tailored to your chassis, with minimal development effort.  



One Year of Support

Both hardware and firmware; includes a schematic review of your design after you have integrated the PPS-supplied schematic

Reference Schematics 

ChMM carrier schematics as a starting point for your custom carrier design; optionally, schematics of the ChMM itself can be licensed

Bench-Top Hardware 

Immediate hands-on familiarization and "known-good" reference as you bring up your chassis

Firmware Modifications

Adjustments to the Chassis Adaptation Layer in the Pigeon Point Chassis Manager for your chassis

Comprehensive Documentation

Covering both hardware and firmware.

Design Tools & Services

Varistar Cabinet Configurator

Wedge-Lok Configurator

Integration Services

Thermal Simulation and Testing


Case Study

We helped Tech180 create a custom cabinet for their aerospace test and measurement equipment.



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