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VPX XMC Carrier

Case Study - VPX XMC Carrier


We helped a customer located in the United States that focuses on hardware design and FGPAs for the aerospace and defense, telecommunications, and financial markets. The customer needed to be able to accommodate different XMC modules with different location of hot spots.


They were having trouble finding a XMC carrier that could handle the flexible handle placement they needed for this specific application. They needed 4 SFP+ ports while still being able to support a machined handle without the handle causing interference on plugs.


nVent SCHROFF was able to offer flexibility in design to support this requirement where no other vendor was able to. We worked with the customer’s design team to create a custom design that was able to satisfy their needed configuration of plugs with a machined handle that wouldn’t interfere.


Project Details: 

Location: North America

Industry: Defense/Security

Technology: Rugged VPX XMC Carrier

Product Scope: Prototype through production

Date/Time Frame: 2020