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Monitoring and Management


Keyboard Drawers






19" keyboard drawer for local access on equipment. 
Various country keyboard layouts are supported.  

  • Extendable 1 U drawer with keyboard including function keys, number pad, touchpad
  • Locking at full extension and in the inserted state
  • Other keyboard layouts, trackball and connections on request

Monitor and Keyboard Drawers


Monitor keyboard drawer for local access on equipment.

The screens support various country specific layouts and connection types. Due to the depths adjustable rails the screen can be easily mounted in racks with differnet 19" distances.

  • Pull-out 17" monitor
  • Chassis, 1 U
  • Keyboard and touchpad
  • Wide-range input (nominal mains voltage 110 to 240 VAC), Voltage supply 12, 24 and 48 VDC on request

Adjustable Monitor Arms


The collapsable articulate arm is ideal for a rack mounted stand workstation. It's an easy to install, rack-mountable appendage which allows for panoramic movement possibilities for a flat panel monitor in industrial environments

  • Support arm for mounting of flat panel monitor
  • Fixing is to the side of the frame
  • Static load-carrying capacity (10 kg max.)
  • Support arm: Height-adjustable 300 mm; Angle of rotation on cabinet 180 °; Monitor rotation angle 340° (fitted on cabinet 270°); Monitor tilt angle 60°; Integrated cable routing
  • Suitable for industrial and laboratory applications

Door Contacts


Detects door open close and can be setup as a switch for rack accessories. 
In combination with electronic locks or Guardian management system remote access control and status indication are supported.

  • Door Contact Switch
  • Detect unauthorized access
  • Easy combination as a switch for rack accessories like light kits, beacon or thermal management

Management Gateways


The nVent SCHROFF Guardian Management Gateway is an environmental monitoring platform designed to sense, track, store and alarm health and security parameters.

Various environmental sensors as well as active cooling devices can be easily manged over the unit. Main access to the Management Gateway is through the 1 GbE Network interface, supporting industry standard protocols like SNMP, SMTP, HTTPS, BACnet, Modbus/TCP and HPI.

  • Web browser GUI for setup, monitoring and maintenance
  • 3 management ports to connect external sensors and Modbus devices
  • Up to 16 sensors per management port, up to 40m total cable length 
  • Supports industry standard network protocols (HTTPS, SNMP, SMTP, BACnet, Modbus/TCP and HPI)



Guardian Management Gateway


Guardian Management Gateway: Supported Sensors

User Manual

Guardian Management Gateway

User Manual

Guardian Management Gateway, Command Line Interface Specification