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Configurator Overview & FAQs

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3D Configurator

Design a custom steel-framed cabinet for electronic and datacom applications!

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3D Configurator

Design a custom aluminium-framed cabinet, ideal for laboratory and studio!

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3D Configurator

Design a custom front panel with desired handles, screws, color, cut-outs, text, and graphics!

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3D Configurator

Design a custom subrack to meet your desired dimension and environment requirements!

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• Pricing displayed in select regions

• 2D/3D/CAD files can be downloaded when your design is complete 


Introducing a new generation of configurators with an intuitive graphical user interface, dynamic CAD generation and full integration into website without additional software installation.

  • No registration needed, but extra features for registered users.
  • Functional graphical interface with drag and drop in an instant 3D visualization.
  • Components libraries for easy selection of the parts, plausibility check ensures valid results.
  • Modification module to add cutouts, with cutout library, and printing options.
  • More than 30 CAD file formats available for exportation, direct opening into CAD software, smart 3D PDF technical specification.
  • After saving configuration, bill of material is submitted into website project list with direct pricing and request for quote.

General Questions

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