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Modular, High Performance, Proven Open Standard System Solutions

nVent has a wide selection of Open Standard Systems and Hardware Platform Management Solutions compliant with the PICMG and VITA Specifications.  Our Open Standard Systems feature modular and robust mechanical chassis, superior signal integrity to support the highest data transfer rates, excellent and proven cooling performance, and reliable hardware management.  


AdvancedTCA, ATCA, AdvancedTCA chassis, ATCA crate

AdvancedTCA or ATCA is an open standard from the PCI Industrial Computer Manufacturers Group (PICMG) that defines specifications for high-performance communication systems.  ATCA uses the high-speed Low Voltage Differential Signal (LVDS) data transfer and supports several transfer protocols, including Ethernet, Serial Rapid I/O, PCI Express and Infiniband.

ATCA is a high availability platform, featuring a fully redundant architecture and powerful shelf management, which can receive events from all field replaceable units (FRUs) an send notification or take action if required. 

For applications where hot swapping FRUs is not necessary, the nVent SCHROFF ATCA Eco Modular System may provide a more cost effective alternative.  

nVent SCHROFF offers:

  • 40G or 100G data transfer rate
  • 300W and 450W cooling capacity per slot
  • Slot counts 2, 6 and 14 slots
  • AC, DC or combined AC/DC power input 


MicroTCA, MTCA, MicroTCA  chassis, MTCA Crate, MicroTCA Crate

MicroTCA (MTCA) is an open standard from the PCI Industrial Computer Manufacturers Group (PICMG) for communication systems. MTCA uses the high-speed Low Voltage Differential Signal (LVDS) data transfer rates and supports Ethernet, Serial Rapid I/O, PCI Express and S-ATA/SAS.

MTCA uses Advanced Mezzanine Cards (AdvancedMCs) as functional boards on carrier cards in AdvancedTCA blades. 

Defined as a high-availability platform, MTCA features a fully redundant architecture, powerful carrier / shelf management capability, e-keying, full hot swap and event driven error handling.

The dot-specification MTCA.1 targets multiple vertical markets by adding higher shock and vibration resistance levels as well as extended temperature ranges to MicroTCA. MTCA.2 and MTCA.3 address the needs of harsh environments by defining conduction cooling and air flow through cooling. MTCA.4 is the newest MTCA extension and meets the requirements of sophisticated test and measurement systems. It defines rear transition modules (RTM), implements special signal lines for clock and trigger signals, and even includes a second backplane that contains radio frequency signaling and covers for the AdvancedMC modules to protect the sensitive electronics.

nVent SCHROFF offers:

  • 40G high-speed data transfer with all nVent SCHROFF standard MicroTCA Systems
  • A broad portfolio of accessories including front panels, filler panels, module covers and power modules
  • Systems compliant with MTCA.0 for Telecommunications, MTCA.1 for Rugged Applications and MTCA.4 for Test and Measurement.  

PXI and PXI Express

PXI, PXI Express, PXIe, PXI Express System

PXI, defined by the PXI Systems Alliance, has been specifically developed for applications with high data transfer and synchronization requirements, such as test and measurement or automation. 

PXI is based on CompactPCI, featuring 32- or 64-bit PCI bus, but adds synchronization extensions. PXI Express, based on CompactPCI Express, features the high-speed PCIe bus and a 100 MHz PXIe clock.  PXIe is downward compatible accepting CPCI, PXI, CPCI Express and PXIe cards.

nVent SCHROFF offers:

  • Desktop PXI & PXIe Systems in various slot counts
  • Switches, bridges and clock modules (PXIe) realized as mezzanine modules for easy customization
  • Optimized air flow concept for excellent cooling performance
  • The PXI Express Systems support up to 16GB/s PCIe Gen3 system bandwidth











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CompactPCI / -Serial



CompactPCI, CompactPCI Serial, CPCI Serial, CPCI-S, CPCI


CompactPCI (CPCI) was first introduced for industrial use and is based on the bus architecture of desktop computers. Over the years, many dot-specifications have been implemented in the standard to add further buses, these include the Packet Switching Backplane (PSB) and H.110 (computer telephony) for telecommunications as well as PXI for instrumentation purposes. 

CompactPCI Serial uses the same mechanics like CompactPCI but implements the current and future protocols PCIe or Serial Rapid I/O, Ethernet, USB and S-ATA / SAS.

nVent SCHROFF offers:

  • Range of standard CPCI based systems for 3U and 6U boards
  • Versions with single or redundant pluggable power supplies or ATX PSUs
  • Systems with PSB, H.110 or PXI bus
  • CPCI Serial supporting PCIe Gen3, S-ATA Rev. 3.0, USB 3.0 and Ethernet 10GBase-T.

VME and VME64x

VME, VME64x, VME chassis, VME rack, VME connector

The VMEbus Manufacturers’ Group (VITA) standard was designed for industrial automation systems and interconnects.  It is designed for industrial automation systems and interconnects 3U, 6U and 9U boards with a card width of 4HP and depth of 160 / 220 / 280 mm. It can support up to 21 slots.

The VME64x extension, which is downwards compatible, allows higher data transfer rates and added rear I/O boards to VME.

VXS adds additional high-speed serial data transfer up to 10 Gbps to the backplane and supports both Single and Dual Star topologies.

nVent SCHROFF offers:

  • VMEbus and VME64x systems available for 6U boards
  • Subrack based, sheet metal, desktop or tower configurations


VPX, VPX backplane, OpenVPX, Open VPX

The newest VITA specification is VPX. Rather than a single specification, VPX is a set of base, environmental, mechanical and dot specifications, defining several – mainly rugged – capabilities and features for new VITA-compliant systems. VPX is specified for 3U and 6U boards and for air cooled, conduction cooled and even liquid cooled chassis. It includes several parallel and serial data transfer mechanisms, such as VMEbus, PCI, Ethernet, PCIe and others. VITA 65, or Open VPX, was then created to address interoperability between the multiple options available for backplane topology. This specification defines a series of standard slot, backplane, module profiles and development chassis.

nVent SCHROFF offers:

  • Selection of VPX Standard Systems from Desktop to Rugged Chassis
  • Support data transfer rates up to 10 Gbit/s
  • Excellent Cooling and EMC protection

Hardware Management (Pigeon Point)

Hardware Management

Applications such as telecom, datacom and defense demand high system availability and/or full visibility and control remotely. Hardware management monitors the inventory and status of the hardware; which boards are in the box and how healthy are those boards? Abnormal temperatures, voltages or currents can trigger alerts and counter measures. 

In a typical system, each board in a managed system is monitored by a local controller that reports to a shelf- or chassis-level controller. The shelf or chassis controller provides visibility and control to an external system manager.

nVent SCHROFF offers: 

  • AdvancedTCA Shelf Managers (ShMM-700R) and VPX VITA 46.11 Chassis Managers (ChMM-700R) ready for incorporation into a carrier board optimized for your shelf or chassis.
  • ATCA, MTCA and VPX board and module management solutions delivered as reference designs, including firmware, ready for integration into your board or module.
  • Proven solutions, authored and supported by experts in the management aspects of the standards.
  • Compliant and interoperable reference controllers, backed by years of interoperability testing and intensive use in demanding environments around the world.
  • Included bench top implementations for quick ramp up and known good comparisons with customer implementations.
  • Comprehensive documentation and one year of technical support, with options for subsequent year support.

Digital Design Tools

Embedded System Configurators

  • Selector type tool

  • Available for ATCA, MicroTCA, CompactPCI, CompactPCI Serial, VME, VME64x, VXS and VPX

  • Guides you through key decisions in the design process

  • Quickly provides relevant information to our design team and includes the request for quote

  • Takes less than 5 minutes to complete


Embedded System Configurators, embedded computer


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