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CompacPRO Desktop Case, Unshielded, 3 U, 42 HP, 271 mm

  • Desktop case for individual assembly
  • Aluminum construction ensures robust solution
  • International dimensions in accordance with IEC 6297-3-101
  • Side panel with integrated handle function
  • Front and rear identical, depth-symmetrical construction
  • Ventilation slots in base plate
  • IP 20 in accordance with IEC 60529

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  • Product Type: Case
  • Product Family: CompacPRO
  • Type: Case for Individual Electronic Components
  • Rack Height: 3 U
  • Height: 147.1 mm
  • Usable Height: 129.3 mm
  • Rack Width: 42 HP
  • Width: 257 mm
  • Usable Width: 219 mm
  • Depth: 271 mm
  • EMC Shielding: No
  • Static Load: 30 kg
  • Protection Rating: IP20
  • Front Frame Construction: Single Piece
  • Cooling Option: No
  • Complies With: IEC 60297-3-103
  • Package Quantity: 1

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CompacPRO Front/Rear Panel, with Hidden Fixing, 3 U, 42 HP
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Horizontal rail, rear, type H-VT, "heavy", recessed installation (EuropacPRO/-rugged)
Horizontal Rail, Rear, Type H-VT, Heavy, 42 HP
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Filler angle (CompacPRO)
CompacPRO Filler Angle, 3 U
Catalog #: 24575-119
Front panel, front anodized, rear passivated, unshielded, screw assembly
Front Panel, Front anodized, Rear Conductive, Unshielded, 3 U, 42 HP
Catalog #: 30838-081
Rear Panel, perforated, for mounting on horizontal rails, unshielded
Rear Panel, Perforated, Unshielded, for RatiopacPRO and PropacPRO, 3 U, 42 HP
Catalog #: 30849-021
Front Panel Kit, Unshielded, Bottom Hinged, 3 U, 42 HP
Catalog #: 20838-271
Horizontal rail, center, for rear I/O, type AB (RatiopacPRO/-air, EuropacPRO/-rugged)
Horizontal Rail Rear, Type AB for Rear I/O Board Guides, 42 HP
Catalog #: 34561-542
Horizontal rail, rear, type H-ST, "heavy", standard (EuropacPRO/-rugged)
Horizontal Rail, Rear, Type H-ST, Heavy, Standard, 42 HP
Catalog #: 34560-542
Panhead screw
Panhead Screw, Torx, M4 x 14, 100 Pieces
Catalog #: 24571-371
Panhead screw
Panhead Screw, Torx, M4 x 10, 100 Pieces
Catalog #: 24571-372
Mounting plate in combination without cover plate (RatiopacPRO/-air, CompacPRO, EuropacPRO)
Mounting Plate for 19" Case and Subrack, 42 HP, 160 mm Board Length
Catalog #: 34562-746
Rear foot with rubber insert (CompacPRO)
CompacPRO Rear Foot With Rubber Inlay, 3 U
Catalog #: 24575-114
Tip-Up Protection/Rear Foot with edge protection (CompacPRO)
CompacPRO Rear Foot with Edge Protection, 3 U
Catalog #: 20823-675
Rear foot for hood (CompacPRO)
CompacPRO Rear Foot, 3 U, increased 45 mm
Catalog #: 20823-668
Tip-up carrying handle (CompacPRO)
CompacPRO Tip-Up Handle, 3 + 4 U, 42 HP
Catalog #: 24575-138
Cable holder (PropacPRO, RatiopacPRO, CompacPRO)
Cable Holder for Cases
Catalog #: 24575-800

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The nVent SCHROFF CompacPRO case provides electronics protection for 19" and individual electronic assemblies. The aluminum die cast frame and profile sidepanels guarantee a robust solution. In addition an extensive accessory range is available.

GND / earthing connections in accordance with


  • RoHS

Item(s) Delivered

Delivery of this product includes the following item(s):

Item Description Quantity
1 Side panel, Al extrusion, powder‐coated, RAL 7016 2
2 Frame, Al die‐cast, powder‐coated, RAL 7016 2
3 Cover plate, Al, 1.5 mm, powder‐coated, RAL 9006, with GND/earthing connection 1
4 Base plate with 4 rows of ventilation slots, Al, 1.5 mm, powder‐coated RAL 9006, with earthing connection 1
5 Case foot with anti‐slip protection, PC, black 4
6 Fixing adaptor for cover plate, prefitted 8
7 Assembly kit, also allows the fitting of a full‐width front panel, two cover brackets or a rear panel 1

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