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nVent SCHROFF Launches New Safety and Power Unit for Test Systems

Configurable 19" power distribution unit with safety functions


LONDON–April 5, 2022– nVent Electric plc (NYSE: NVT) ("nVent") is pleased to announce Rack Safety Plus, a new modular safety and power distribution unit designed to protect and connect electronics enclosed within 19" cabinets.

Designed in collaboration with test and measurement customers this 19” slide-in unit includes power entry, power distribution and safety features that are required for operating semi- and fully automated test systems. Key features of the Rack Safety Plus include configurable power outlets, input connectors, and safety functions such as an emergency power button. "Because of the modular concept customers save time and costs; no longer will customers have to develop and manufacture this component for their infrastructure themselves" says Christian Ganninger, Global Product Manager for Embedded Systems.


Pre-Certified Solutions

The Rack Safety Plus is CE-certified, with the UL-certification underway. Using a digital configurator tool, users can select desired functions creating their own customized and certified solution, without the time or expense of additional CE/UL testing. 


Redundant Safety Functions

The emergency push button on the front of the unit features a safety circuit that meets the EN ISO 13849-1 category 3 standard. An external shutoff switch is possible to immediately shut down electronic equipment when the emergency push button is activated.  The external shut off switch is monitored by the built-in safety relay and redundant safety switches to ensure Rack Safety Plus shuts down, even if there is a fault in the device.

Faults are displayed on the front of the unit and a remote management module can be integrated so that all statuses can be queried from a PC via the internet and switching functions can be performed remotely.


Modular and Configurable

  • Various 1- and 3- phase plugs are available as mains input and each phase is equipped with fuse and optional EMC filter.
  • Designated areas on the front and back enable easy switching of functions and interfaces such as status LEDs, service sockets, a residual current circuit breaker and other circuit breakers, as well as a lab switch on the front for activating the outputs.
  • On the back side, the customer has the option of selecting the types and number of output connectors. There is also the option of generating internal DC voltages and additional DC outputs. An optional 24 V power supply can also be integrated, with its function also displayed via LED on the device front.
  • Additional overvoltage protection units and current limiting modules can also be integrated. This functionality is useful to prevent circuit damage caused by overload when the test application is equipped with several computers turned on simultaneously via the main switch. Upon customer request, the safety circuitry can also be implemented only according to EN ISO 13849-1 category 1 or 2.
  • While Rack Safety Plus is designed as one unit that integrates the safety and power distribution functions in one 19” case, it can be separated into two enclosures upon customer request.
  • Individual branding is possible with paint finish and the incorporation of logos. 


For those customer who need a solution quickly, several common configurations are immediately available from stock.

With the launch of Rack Safety Plus, nVent SCHROFF continues to support Test and Measurement customers with reliable solutions to save development time and money. 




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