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19" Subracks and Chassis

Protecting 19" Electronics for the past 60 years

nVent SCHROFF subracks and 19" rack-mount chassis offer a flexible platform for military, telecom, railway as well as test and measurement applications. With a broad standard portfolio building on a modular platform, subracks and 19′′ rackmount chassis allow for a high degree of design flexibility to meet application requirements such as shock and vibration or EMC shielding.

In addition we provide an intelligent online configurator to simplify and speed up your digital workflow from selection to delivery of nVent SCHROFF subracks. You can design solutions specifically tailored to your requirements and immediately obtain pricing and availability. The visual 3D configurator allows almost anyone to drag and drop compatible components, to generate your customized solution. After you’re finished, you can also download the configuration’s CAD-files, Bill of Material (BOM) and enhanced 3D PDF.

A range of products for a variety of applications

19" Subracks



Subracks, also known as a card cages, house printed circuit boards (PCBs) in the 19” euroboard form factor or 19” plug in units (PIUs), with dimensions according to IEC 60297-3-10x or IEEE 1101.x standards

nVent SCHROFF’s EuropacPRO 19′′ subracks are based on a modular platform and are easily configured.  EuropacPRO subracks are ideal for a variety of requirements ranging from cost-saving up to ruggedized shock and vibration resistant options.

nVent SCHROFF subracks have been industry tested in railway and transportation (IEC 61587-1, EN 50155, BN 411002, NF F 61-005, etc.), industrial (DIN 43880) and aerospace & defense (MIL 167, MIL 810 G, MIL 901, etc.) and provide proven protection for your sensitive electronics.


19" Chassis




19” chassis are a form of subrack which has been specially designed to accept horizontally oriented boards or non-standard components, such as transformers or other heavy accessories, typically mounted on a chassis plate.

nVent SCHROFF offers two 19" chassis platforms, MultipacPRO and Interscale, both with  options for various heights and depths, EMC-shielding, cooling, as well as degree of robustness.

MultipacPRO is also available in Aluminum for appealing aesthetics or as cost efficient steel (AlZn coated).  To finalize your design and achieve your individual branding, powder coating, screen printing and digital printing is available.



Configure your individual Subrack or Chassis solution with our extensive component portfolio of:

  • Side Panels and 19” Brackets
  • Horizontal Rails
  • Top and Bottom Covers
  • Front and Rear Panels
  • EMC Shielding Kits
  • Chassis Plates

And adapt it to any requirement with a variety of accessories:

  • Guide Rails
  • Telescopic Slides
  • Handles
  • Assembly Parts and more

Digital Design Tools

Subrack Configurator

  • From Concept to CAD in minutes.
  • No registration needed, but extra features for registered users.
  • Step by step process to guide you to the best design for your application.
  • Intuitive drag and drop functionality with instant 3D visualization
  • Components libraries for easy selection of the parts
  • Modification module to add cutouts and printing options.
  • More than 30 CAD file formats available for exportation, direct opening into CAD software, smart 3D PDF technical specification.
  • After saving configuration, bill of material is submitted into website project list with direct pricing and request for quote. 


19" Chassis Configurator

Interscale Config.jpg
  • Selector type tool

  • Guides you through key decisions in the design process

  • Includes options for case and PCB dimensions, color, feet or mounting brackets, passive or active cooling, I/O cutouts, painting and printing. 

  • Quickly provides relevant information to our design team and includes the request for quote

  • Takes less than 5 minutes to complete




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Subracks and 19” Chassis


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Subracks and 19” Chassis