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Power Management and Distribution

A range of products for a variety of applications

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PDU – With Emergency Stop function

The 19”, 3U power distribution unit Rack Safety Plus supplies AC mains power and 24 V DC power to electrical or electronic devices as a central power switch with emergency stop function. Thanks to it’s modular concept you can modify a PDU with emergency stop without having to worry about long-lead times and high project costs. Choose one of the standard offerings, or configure your own distribution unit with emergency stop function based on a set of pre-defined components.


nVent SCHROFF offers:

  • 400 V 3-phase or 230 V 1-phase mains input with mains fuses
  • AC outputs with different connector types, switched by ON/OFF switch
  • Permanent AC Outputs (Service)
  • All outputs are protected by circuit breakers
  • The emergency stop function meets the requirements of EN 60947-5-1 and EN 60204-1 and is vandalism-proof
  • Choose a standard configuration, or quickly and easily create own configuration from predefined components





Busbar solutions for various nominal current and temperature ranges. nVent SCHROFF offers:

  • 1, 2, 3 and 4 pole busbars
  • Can be sawn off to required length
  • Assembly material for quick integration into cabinets

Grounding Kits


Reliable grounding is mandatory to ensure failure free operation and minimize risk of harm. nVent SCHROFF provides a full range of earthing products that can be easily integrated:

  • Grounding / earthing rails in different cross sections and length
  • Broad range of related accessories
  • Grounding kits for racks and cabinets

PDUs – Intelligent and Standard

PDUs – Intelligent and Standard

Basic PDUs and RackPower Intelligent PDUs deliver smart and reliable power distribution and management for a broad range of applications.
Range of options available including Basic, metered and switched configurations to meet the needs of your application.

nVent SCHROFF offers:

  • Different voltages, single and three phase units 
  • Protected and secure LAN connections
  • Display can be swapped or re-oriented without the need for tools
  • Modular, compact construction for single and three phase with combo outlets (C13/C15/C19)
  • Up to 64 units can be daisy chained with a single IP address, also ensures controller DC power redundancy
  • Display color can be set by software to indicate power source



Power Modules

Power Modules

The 19" distribution box combines allows the easy integration of DIN mounted parts into a 19" rack. Small size modules allow secure and quick integration of smaller power distribution solutions into a cabinet.

nVent SCHROFF offers:

  • 19" and small size distribution modules for installation of components on DIN profile rails (DIN 43880)
  • Two neutral conductors for terminal clamps from 4 ... 35 mm2
  • With cable support rail at rear, strain relief with clamps







Digital Design Tools

Rack Safety Plus Configurator

  • Easily customize your PDU with emergency stop function
  • Choose different Mains input, AC outputs, DC Power supply, Permanent AC Service Outputs , RCD circuit breaker, Transparent cover for the circuit breakers, Surge Arrester, Inrush Current Limiter, AC input with EMC filter and more
  • Works with pre-defined components to speed up the selection process
  • Offers up to 300 K different configuration options
  • Takes less than 5 min to completes
  • Quickly provides relevant information to nVent design team for faster request for quote

Socket Strip Configurator

  • Selector type tool

  • Available for basic, metered local display, metered via network, switched via network and switched and metered (intelligent) via network

  • Guides you through key decisions in the design process, including supply cable, cable length, connector plugs, socket inserts, strip dimensions, color and network functions

  • Quickly provides relevant information to our design team and includes the request for quote

  • Takes less than 5 minutes to complete

PDU Configurator



Power Control Socket Strips


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