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Case Study - Tech180


Tech180 is a fast-growing tech company that’s advancing aerospace engineering by providing test equipment to the vehicles of the future. Their reconfigurable platform utilizes off the shelf hardware to create bespoke solutions for their aerospace clients while making expensive, custom-engineered test systems a thing of the past. “We were looking for a rack to host our standard architecture and couldn’t find one with the right dimensions,” says Roy Walker, Tech180’s Chief Operations Officer.


Using the existing Varistar cabinet, Tech180 needed nVent SCHROFF to create a custom configuration that met very specific dimensions that were needed for their project.


Not only were we able to create that custom configuration within the existing Varistar cabinet, but we were able to accommodate other customizations to the rack, including splitting the side panel to make it easy for maintenance. We were able to help drastically reduce the amount of engineering needed to create a system, helping Tech180 and their customer stay on schedule. “Through all of this we found working with Schroff very easy and we’re happy with the results,” said Walker.


Project Details

Location: North America

Industry: Avionics Testing & Measurement

Technology: Varistar Deco

Product Scope: 19" cabinet with steel frame and cladding

Date/Time Frame: 2019