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1 U Air Deflector for 19" Fan Tray, 6 Fans, Front Perforated, 330 mm, RAL 9006

  • Assembly options: – One fan tray: cool air is drawn in from the front and guided upwards – Two fan trays: cool air is drawn in from the front, directed upwards and guided to the rear (see application diagram)
  • Optimised cooling together with 19" fan trays
  • Vertical buildup of heat is avoided via improved airflow
  • Optional filter mat, simple to swap during operation

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  • Product Type: Air Guide
  • Product Family: Novastar; Varistar
  • Works With: 19" Fan Trays

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replacement filter for 19 fans
Replacement Air Filter Mat for 19" Air Deflector 1 U, 6 Fans
Catalog #: 60713-331


Air deflector with 1 U height to guide the air from front to top or from bottom to rear.


  • RoHS

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Item Description Quantity
1 Air deflector plate, St, 1 mm, finish galvanized steel, width 432.8 mm (without side panel) 1
2 Side panel, St, 1.5 mm, finish galvanized steel; with 19" mounting bracket, powder‐coated (see Order information for colour) 2
3a Front panel, perforated, St, 1.5 mm, finish galvanized steel, powder‐coated (see Order information for colour); two quick‐release fasteners, black 1
3b Front panel, solid, St, 1.5 mm, finish galvanized steel, powder‐coated (see Order information for colour); two quick‐release fasteners, black 1
4 Assembly kit 1

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