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Commercial Aircraft

Outstanding Reliability. Superior Protection.

Discover highly flexible and cost-effective aerospace solutions from nVent SCHROFF, to accommodate your on board and inflight equipment. From sheet metal enclosures to our variety of tainers and extractors, look to nVent SCHROFF to overcome your toughest engineering challenges.

Implementing next-generation aerospace solutions require integrating advanced hardware and systems into new and existing equipment

Product Portfolio

Wedge Tainers

The 340 Series wedge tainers have a great clamping force making them perfect for the high shock and vibration environments of landing gear

Sheet Metal Retainers

Our PCB retainers are light-weight and non-flammable - ideal for navigation, radar, and instrumentation applications


Lightweight and non-flammable, our PCB-tainers are ideal for the low shock and vibration environments of fuselage applications

PCB Extractors

VITA compliant extractors are a perfect pair to our PCB-Tainers for fuselage applications


Lok Tainers offer optional toolless operation and are great for the moderate shock and vibration often found in commercial aerospace applications

Product Spotlight: VPX System Solutions

Robust technology for industrial and rugged applications or shelf management solutions.

Our VPX Systems are ruggedized systems solutions in accordance with industry standards with the ability to add modifications that can be made to meet specific application requirements.

The Schroff Pigeon Point remote hardware management solutions are used by leading companies worldwide for open modular platforms like VPX, ATCA and MicroTCA.

VPX System, OpenVPX, Open VPX

Design Tools & Services

Thermal Simulation and Testing

Project Consultation - Collaborative Design

Mechanical Design & Prototyping


Case Study

We helped a large aerospace and defense supplier create a unique custom cabinet for a government customer.

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