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nVent SCHROFF EN45545-2 Guide Rails

New Generation of SCHROFF Accessories for 19" Subracks and 19" Cases, certified to meet R22, R23 and R24 with HL3, in accordance with EN 45545-2

New material, new design, more versions

nVent Electric plc (NYSE: NVT) (“nVent”) has upgraded its portfolio of guide rails for SCHROFF 19" subracks and 19" cases. The new guide rails have an optimized design and are made of a high-quality material with long-term usability and fire protection properties in accordance with EN 45545-2. Nine additional types are now available to supplement the already extensive portfolio. And, for a complete comprehensive solution, corresponding accessory components, such as type IEL and IET IEEE handles, coding pegs, and insulation strips are now also available.


The optimized design combined with the use of high-value polycarbonate improve both the components’ stability and the fire protection properties. Thus, in addition to the existing UL94 V-0 certification, a low flammability rating and low fume toxicity and density are now ensured, satisfying compliance with the R22, R23 and R24 requirement sets with HL3 - the highest safety level - in accordance with EN 45545-2. The material testing standard is required in the field of railway engineering in particular. It documents the fire protection requirements for materials in railway vehicles.


In order to ensure the protection of passengers and personnel, the hazards cause by smoke and toxic gases created during fires must be reduced to the lowest levels possible. Certification in accordance with EN 45545-2 means that the new guide rails meet the requirements for applications in trains in conjunction with SCHROFF on-board racks, subracks or chassis. In addition, the new material meets the RoHS and REACH requirements and is halogen-free in accordance with IEC 61249-2-21. As a result, the possibility of bromine and chlorine creating caustic and toxic compounds during a fire has been eliminated.


The material upgrade for the accessory components of SCHROFF 19" subracks and 19" cases gives users added security when it comes to stability, fire protection, and long-term usability. Users now have more than 45 different versions available as standard for a wide range of requirements.


The upgraded guide rails are now also available with a groove width of 2.5 mm, and with rugged horizontal rails, making them a solid solution for applications with more rigorous shock and vibration requirements. In the future, guide rails with coding (IEEE) will also be available as one-piece versions with a groove width of 2.5 mm in lengths of 160 and 220 mm. Further, the pebble gray color (RAL 7032) of the guide rails has been changed to a modern anthracite gray (RAL 7016). The red and green guide rails remain the same color.


Some accessory components such as type IEL and IET IEEE handles, the corresponding coding pegs, and insulation strips made of the new material are already available today. The new guide rails will be rolled out step by step beginning immediately until the end June 2021. Items from the prior guide rail portfolio will be available until the end of October 2021 and will be discontinued by the end of 2021.


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