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With over 50 years of experience and innovation – you can trust nVent SCHROFF to connect and protect your sensitive electronics

The nVent SCHROFF Difference

  • One contact person for your project
  • Design recommendations and technical collaboration with our specialists
  • Engineers provide support during the inquiry phase and bid preparation
  • Project coordination during the design engineering, production and delivery phases of the project
  • Product lifecycle management

Collaborative Design

Mechanical Design

  • Creation and optimization of 3D CAD modeling of mechanical chassis
  • Adherence to global standards, such as IEC and IEEE
  • Verify the mechanical designs with electronics, backplanes and thermal performance solution
  • Project management and coordination for ontime delivery
  • Dedicated prototype shop for quick turn samples
  • Laying the foundation for subsequent series production

Electronics and Backplane Design

  • Design review of electronic components such as backplanes, control modules, carriers, and other electronic boards
  • Supporting data rate of 100G per diff pair or even PCIe Gen 4 and 5
  • Backplane signal integrity simulation with Simulation tools such as HFSS and ADS for pre- and post-layout simulations
  • Verify and confirm the channel quality using verification measurements.

Rapid Prototyping

3D Printed Front Panel.PNG
  • Depending on the product, we can provide 3D printed or machined prototypes
  • 3D printed samples are produced in our San Diego, California and Straubenhardt, Germany facilities and ship within 1-3 days
  • For machined prototypes, we have a dedicated prototype shop for quick turns
  • Machined prototypes are usually produced using the same equipment that will later produce your products in series production

Mechanical and Electronics Production

Fast and Efficient

The successfully tested prototypes pave the way for series production. The large manufacturing depth and multiple configuration options for both mechanical and electronic components allows us to control and monitor the production process at any point in time. Cutting-edge technology and qualified specialists reliably ensure consistently high quality. 

Mechanical Production

  • High-precision laser punching machines
  • Fully automated horizontal rail mounting including printing
  • Fully automated subrack side panel, top cover and base plate production from coil-base material
  • Five-axis milling machines
  • Powder coating, electroplating, screen and digital printing

Electronics Production

  • Solder paste printing enables the greatest possible degree of flexibility
  • Automatic SMD placement
  • Vapor phase soldering protects against the overheating of components using low temperatures and homogeneous temperature distribution
  • Selective wave soldering system for wired and SMD components
  • Automated press fit tool with force / path monitoring
  • In-house conformal coating of backplanes and power supply units
  • Nitrogen storage of electronic components

Assembly and Integration

nVent SCHROFF can provide up to level 5 integration - complete systems. We are here to help, contact us to discuss your project and learn more.

Integration Level 1

Level 1: Mechanical Components

Piece parts, such as front panels or enclosure accessories.

Integration Level 4

Level 4: Assembly of Electronic Enclosure

Installation of power supply, complex cabling, backplane and thermal management. May include functional testing and associated documentation.

Integration Level 2

Level 2: Assembly of Mechanical Components

Installation of piece parts into the enclosure, such as card guides.

Integration Level 5

Level 5: Integration of Active Software

Plug-and-play systems are supplemented with software. The complete system is tested for seamless operation and documentation is provided.

Integration Level 3

Level 3: Assembly of Electrical Components

Assembly of fans, cables and other passive components.

Integration Level 6

Level 6: Distribution and Logistical Support

Fully operational system, designed and configured to order with all passive and active components integrated, shipped directly to the OEM or end users.


Design Verification Testing_Horizontal.png


  • Backplane signal integrity simulation
  • Circuit simulation for active circuits such as fan controllers
  • Design review of electronic components
  • Feasibility studies for the mechanical design and platform architecture, FMEA
  • Thermal simulation, modelling, prototyping


  • In-circuit testing to identify errors in the assembled printed circuit boards and detection of soldering defects and component faults
  • Mechanical tolerance inspection
  • Optical inspection to prevent poor solder joints or incorrectly positioned or missing components

Design Verification

  • Air performance including bulk air flow and acoustic noise
  • Environmental including temperature, humidity, salt spray per IEC 61969-3
  • EMC / ESD tests
  • Endurance/Burn-In test for early failure detection
  • Functional tests
  • Ground wire test
  • Insulation test (high voltage)
  • Ingress Protection (IP)
  • Impact and Drop testing
  • Signal integrity

Test Reports

  • Certification Body (CB) report
  • Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) calculation
  • Product traceability
  • UL ratification or certification

Remote Monitoring and Control

  • Remote monitoring and control enables users to identify potential failures without having an on-site service technician and replace components like boards and fan trays while the system stays in full operation.
  • nVent SCHROFF offers compliant and interoperable reference controllers, backed by years of interoperability testing and intensive use in demanding environments around the world.
  • Comprehensive documentation and one year of technical support, with options for subsequent year support.
  • Starter kit with bench-top management controller development board with a wide range of interfaces, the complete source code of the firmware and the documentation.

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