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Quantum Computing


Quantum Computing

By using open hardware platforms and modular building blocks, your quantum computing infrastructure will start with a framework that’s proven and scalable. 

From here, we rely on decades of expertise in signal routing and precise triggers and work with you to evaluate the tradeoffs between development timelines, EMC noise, and latency as you validate ideas and architect systems. 

This technology is then customized to meet your integration needs and housed in streamlined, cooled, customizable chassis or cabinets to reflect your brand.


Shorten the Path from Theory to Commercial Application


Leverage our long-term experience in support for beam control of particle accelerators and understanding of both leading-edge research and real-world engineering to create viable infrastructure solutions for quantum computing.


Achieve Critical Latency and Synchronization Requirements


Evaluate tradeoffs between development timelines, EMC noise, and latency as you validate ideas and architect systems with time-to-market in mind.


Simplify Design and Scale Your Production


Use open standard hardware platforms, standard system architecture, and modular building blocks to develop quantum computing infrastructure solutions that scale from initial prototypes to high-volume production.

nVent Schroff helps customers take a strategic approach to complex control systems for quantum computers.

Customer Quote

“nVent SCHROFF made it easy for a company like ours that doesn’t have a large team of mechanical engineers, to create a semi-custom configuration that’s tailored to what we need for our quantum control stack.”


 – Jules Van Oven, CTO + Co-Founder of Qblox


PXI, PXI Express, PXIe, PXI Express System

PXI and PXI Express Systems

Modular system concepts, based on PXI Systems Alliance standards, with superior trigger and clock accuracy and integrated cooling solutions.


Desktop Cases

Robust and flexible enclosure platforms, for modular and proprietary systems, with integrated or retrofittable EMC protection and advanced cooling options. 

In-Rack Cooling

Effective and efficient rack-based air-to-liquid cooling units designed for applications requiring a fully enclosed cabinet.


Housing Qblox’s Quantum Computing Control Electronics in Labs Worldwide

With branded, semi-custom chassis on demand from nVent SCHROFF and Koning & Hartman, Qblox has the mechanical support they need to scale with their customers.






Commercializing and Scaling Quantum Computing

Design Considerations for Quantum Computing Control Systems

This article outlines three development approaches for Quantum Computing control systems to help you meet specific application requirements.







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