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Aerial view from airplane over farm field in Italy

Data Acquisition System

This system has been specifically developed for mobile radar system requirements. It had to be high shock and vibration resistance and meet MIL-STD 710F and MIL-STD 167 standards.


To be integrated into the corresponding MIL cabinets, airflow from front-to-back had to be ensured. A very efficient EMC shielding was required.




The requirement for high shock and vibration resistance is met due to the use of our robust EuropacPro rugged subrack and meets the requirement for MIL-STD 710F and MIL-STD 167. The EMC shielding requirements according to MIL-STD 461 have been realized by a 2 level shielding concept. The chassis itself and a special shielding of the front and rear card cages define the 2 shielding levels. The system can be integrated into the corresponding MIL cabinets due to the optional front-to-back cooling.



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