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Autonomous self-driving electric car showing Lidar and Safety sensors use, 3d rendering.

Universal test system

Universal test system for endurance testing of various electrical components, such as camera and radar systems, for the automotive industry.


For the customized electronics and unique customer requirements, a complete system solution was required. The systems had to serve as a test bench and had to be designed either as portable and stackable desktop cases or as subracks that could be mounted in a 19-inch rack. The test bench also contains a system that should only function as a power supply system supplying power to the other test components and as a control unit for the integrated screen and keyboard. The hardware inside of each test slot had to allow independent configuration with reusable hardware modules. In addition, the customer was looking for a complete solution provider capable of assembling and testing this complex system.




In order to meet the customer's requirements, the highly robust nVent SCHROFF 19“ Comptec case was chosen because it offers the possibility to hold a 19" subrack within a 19" case and is therefore extremely flexible. The subrack consists of two sections. One section is a 19" subrack with a mounting plate which holds the non-standard test slots. The second part is the test slots itself, which contain individual replaceable and reusable modules. An active cooling solution was chosen with powerful fans installed in each test slot, to protect the sensitive electronics against overheating. The requirements of the assembly and the complex test procedure could also be implemented thanks to in-house expertise.