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MicroTCA system with integrated eMCH for 2 single AMC module

  • Fan unit and fan filter are easy to replace
  • 90 ... 264 VAC wide voltage range input on rear of case, 150 W PSU in rear section of case
  • Integrated MCH with Ethernet uplink and USB interface
  • 150 W cooling capacity at an ambient temperature of 55°C, airflow from right to left, temperature-regulated fans
  • 2 GbE links from MCH to each of 2 AMC slots
  • Small, compact case to hold 2 single full-size AMC modules. With the integrated 2 HP filler module, 2 single mid-size modules can also be fitted
  • Direct connection of ports 2 to 11 between both AMC slots (see backplane topology); data transfer rates up to 10 Gbps per port
  • The system can be stacked and is prepared for a mounting plate

Delivery Includes:

completely assembled, wired and tested


  • System in accordance with IEC 60297‐3‐101, ‐102, ‐103; IEEE 1101.1, 1101.10/11; backplane in accordance with PICMG CPCI‐S.0
  • Modified systems available on request
  • Specification:



    Desktop enclosure

    El suministro incluye:

    Artículo Cantidad Descripción
    Datos Técnicos
    Número de catálogo
    Depth mm 302.0
    Number of slots 2
    Width mm 265.0
    Backplane type 2x GbE from eMCH for every AMC slot, direct connection of ports 2 ‐ 11
    Transmission rate 10 Gbps/port
    Height U 1
    Board height 3
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