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AdvancedTCA ECO Modular System, 14 Slot, DC

  • Support for on-blade shelf management
  • 14 U, 14-slot system, airflow from bottom front to top rear, 2 slots for Schroff shelf manager ACB-VI
  • A sophisticated modular concept opens up the option of obtaining the ECO modular system in several versions with a range of performance classes
  • Fan control via Schroff shelf managers, on-blade shelf managers, or – in autonomous mode – a temperature sensor in the air inlet area
  • A fan module under the board cage featuring an integrated, replaceable air filter, RJ45 sockets for connecting serial interfaces of Schroff shelf managers, plus LEDs for displaying Telco alarms
  • Thanks to their reduced hot-swap features in the fan module, PEM, and CDM areas, Schroff ECO modular systems are optimized for cost-sensitive applications
  • Option of additional temperature sensor in air exit area
  • Non-hot-swap PEM at the rear, redundant in 450 W/slot version, non-redundant in 250 W/slot version



Rear I/O:


Number of slots:



Front to rear
Número de catálogo Air flow Number of slots Backplane type Transmission rate Cooling capacity Voltage Height U Width HP
11990-900 Front to rear 14 Dual star, bussed IPMB 40 Gbps 250 W / slot - 48 / -60 VDC 14 84