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Kit EuropacPRO, ligero, no apantallado, montaje en pared

  • Modifications such as cutouts, different fininshes or dimensions availalble
  • Internal and external dimensions in accordance with the IEC 60297-3-101 and IEEE 1101.1 standards
  • Supplied as space-saving flat-pack
  • IP 20, in accordance with IEC 60529
  • For connector mounting (DIN 41612, EN 60602-3)
  • For direct backplane mounting or for mounting of DIN connectors (DIN 41612/EN 60603-2),Für direkte Montage von Backplanes oder zur Montage von DIN-Steckverbindern (DIN 41612/EN 60603-2)
  • Horizontal rails type "light"
  • Subrack with side panel type L ("light")




  • EMC version on request
  • Individual configuration: large variety of variants in height, width and depth; various guide rails for a wide variety of applications; Interior options; accessories and mounting material
  • Load:





  • EuropacPRO, Light
  • EuropacPro, Industrial
  • EMC Shielding:

  • Unshielded
  • Retrofitable
  • Type:

    Subrack Kit
    Número de catálogo Depth mm Depth D1 mm Other Height U Width HP
    24563-110 175.0 175 With rear panel 3 28
    24563-109 205.0 175 Without rear panel 3 28