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Series 165/166

  • Made from conductive Alloy 10 BeCu
  • Weight .48g/cm (.043 oz/in)
  • Available with tin, nickel, zinc or electroless nickel plating
  • Spring based retention design
  • Supports PCB thickness of 1.6 mm (.063 in) or 2.4 mm (.094 in)
  • Length 31.75 mm (1.25 in) to 311.15 mm (12.25 in), 24.5 mm (1.0 in) increments
  • DSCC 85034
  • For sheet metal applications

Lead Time:

  • Standard product available in as little as 8 weeks. For modified product contact AskSchroff@nVent.com or 1-800-854-7086
  • Descripción


    The Series 165/166 is an economical PCB retention solution for sheet metal applications. Constructed of conductive beryllium copper, the independent spring design provides board retention for low shock and vibration applications while also providing a thermal path.


    Two retainers are recommended, one at the top of the PCB board and one at the bottom. Retainers can be fixed to the sheet metal enclosure with screws or rivets. Coined edges then allow for smooth insertion and extraction and prevent PCB damage.


    From time to time, nVent may modify its product specifications to be in conformity with applicable industry, military or other relevant standards. Unless otherwise mutually agreed in writing, cancelled or superseded military specifications may be certified to the latest or superseding specifications. Products manufactured in conformity with such specifications will be deemed fully compliant whether or not you have been notified of such modifications, even if different from the original specification or those referenced by the customer.


    See series datasheet for material, surface finish and associated specifications.
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    Series 165/166
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    Spring Rate 56.0 N/cm (32 lbs/in) of deflection per spring finger
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